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Art Basel Miami Beach is here

  • December 01, 2008
Ines Hegedus-Garcia

To think that a few years ago many questioned if Miami Beach was worthy of Art Basel - the truth is......a lot still do. We are an International Hub! a diverse mecca! a city waiting for Cultural and Fine Arts to come and stay, not just visit. The fact is that the whole city prepares for this event. Miami Beach Real Estate has been in preparation mode for months - from short term rentals to commercial locations for gallery venues.


Art Basel is here! From December 4th to the 7th (yes....this Thursday) - there will be ART all over Miami and Miami Beach and the events are so numerous and overwhelming that even if you don't have a plan, you will leave feeling like an ART glut.

Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United
States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. As the sister
event of Switzerland's Art Basel, the most prestigious art show
worldwide for the past 39 years, Art Basel Miami Beach combines an
international selection of top galleries with an exciting program of
special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music,
film, architecture and design. Exhibition sites are located in the
city's beautiful Art Deco District, within walking distance of the
beach and many hotels.

Some people think this year it will be scaled down, others that it will rock harder than ever - I guess we will have to experience it and see for ourselves. Don't believe people when they tell you that it's only about the Miami Beach Convention Center though - from Miami's Design District to Miami's Upper East Side's MiMo District to Key Biscayne, The University of Miami....parties, galleries,'s amazing.

Here are a few articles that give you a different perspective.

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