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Surfside News

  • October 04, 2007
Ines Hegedus-Garcia

The Surfside Civic Association has a new Surfside Monthly Newsletter which offers great information to Surfside residents and businesses.  From local news and events to resident concerns, I do think the SCA has the right concept.  There's more advertisement than actual content but the whole idea is to keep residents involved and to be able to voice people's opinion.


Here's some of the information available in the Newsletter this month:

  • The Town Manager and Town Attorney are in the process of negotiating with a second architecture firm for Surfside's Community Center.  The contract will be voted on by the Commission at the October 25th meeting.  Following the approval, a public workshopt is expected to be scheduled.
  • The commission authorized the Town Manager to start a list of code enforcement issues in an effort to enhance the code and determine how to achieve compliance by property owners.
  • The Commission voted to hold 2 meetings per month which will be held on the Second and Fourth Tuesdays of each month.
  • The Surfside Tourist Bureau is preparing to move the Visitor Center to a new location at 9482 Harding Avenue.  The center will provide maps, brochures, bus schedules, information about local business.  These are the upcoming events planned by the Tourist Bureau:
    • November 3rd - 2nd annual Jazz Concert on the Beach at 95th Street
    • December - "Foreign Car Extravaganza/Toys for Tots Charity Event"
    • Annual New Year's Gala and Fireworks Display
    • Latin/Salsa Music Festival in January
    • 2nd Annual Art and Craft Show in March

The SCA is a non-profit organization with "casual and informal meetings that let the community come together to speak openly and freely.  The S.C.A. takes information discussed at the civic meetings and presents ideas and concerns to Surfside's Town Manager or to the Surfside's City Officials and then continues to follow up to try to achieve the goals of the community. "

They want residents to get involved and are looking for volunteers to lead committees, start neighborhood groups and submit articles for the Surfside Civic Association Newsletter.  There's a $25 annual membership fee.  The n

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