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Ines Hegedus-Garcia 11th April, 2010

There are a couple of local window companies that make metal casement impact windows (PGT is one of them). I do, however, love Pella windows and doors- they give you the option of an exterior metal cladding with a wood interior that can be stained or painted.

Contact Pella, because they may surprise you with their pricing and usually recommend installers with great workmanship.

Colonial windows are obviously the wrong proportion for your home, my advice is to get the original blue prints (may be available in The City of Miami Springs) where you will be able to see the right proportion for the doors, windows, and muntins. If all else fails, I rather see a casement window with no muntins (no lights), than the wrong amount or wrong proportions.

As for patio doors - I am not looking at the facade drawings of your home and if it was an addition which is out of period, French doors (with right proportions will be appropriate). The same applies to doors as windows - I rather see a French door with no lights, than with the wrong amount of lights.
Thanks for the comment and good luck with the pavers and windows.