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Downtown Miami Central Business District is the historic city center of what has become Greater Downtown miami. It is generally bound by Biscayne Boulevard, Bayfront Park and Museum Park on the east, the Miami River to the south, North 6th Street to the north and Interstate 95 to the west.
While it is technically Miami's official "downtown", the term "Downtown miami" has come to refer to a much larger area. It is distinct from the financial district, which in this case is neighboring Brickell to the south.
The CBD has long been dense with retail and office space, as well as some lofts and apartments, but recently has seen large scale high-rise residential development as during Miami housing market booms in the aughts and continuing again in the 2010s. Though the historically wealthy suburb of Brickell to the south remains much more popular, downtown has seen urban buildings such as The Loft, The Loft 2, and Centro Lofts which have no built-in parking as well as more traditional luxury condos such as the bayfront 50 Biscayne and Vizcayne. Wolfson Campus, the primary (but not largest) campus of Miami-Dade College is located in the CBD, with about ten buildings around NE 5 Street and NE 2 Ave. The historic Flagler Street, which is the north-south divider of the street grid in Miami-Dade, may undergo a major renovation from the Miami River to the terminus at Biscayne Boulevard starting by 2016

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Miamism Sales Team
+1 (305) 758-2323