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Morris Lapidus / Mid 20th Century Historic District

Historic District
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Designated historic by the City of Miami Beach in 2010, this district runs along a one-mile stretch of Collins Avenue, between 44 and 53 Streets. It sits in the area known as "North Beach". Once lined with opulent mansions owned by American industrialists, this area contains 14 properties, 12 of which are architecturally significant mid-20th century structures built between 1954 and 1966.

A remarkable five of these buildings are among the most distinctive, grand, and architecturally dramatic mid-century structures designed by internationally acclaimed Miami Beach architect Morris Lapidus. This extraordinary collection of Lapidus' masterpieces, together with seven mid-century structures designed by other highly respected and successful architects, exemplifies the full aesthetic, social, economic and historic impact that this one single mile stretch would have on the evolution of "Miami Modern" design.

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Miamism Sales Team
+1 (305) 758-2323