Are you joining the conversation?

One of my favorite people and mentor (Paul Chaney) was being interviewed last week about Real Estate Blogging by non other than MarketingSherpa and dropped a line at Facebook asking some questions to a few blogging Realtors.

Keep in mind that Paul was co-author of Realty Blogging and not only is a social networking guru, but a super nice guy. (Sorry Richard for always leaving you out)

Little did I know that my very impromptu answers would turn into rocking link love (thank you Paul). But most importantly it shows how the ball rolls in this intertwining web point something world.

We blog, we share, we pay attention, we reciprocate, we have a little fun (please don’t be so serious) and things turn out beautifully!

A perfect example is – Lani introduced us to RealSeekr a couple of weeks ago and I will admit I was hesitant of yet another real estate listing site. I could not have been more wrong. As soon as I visited I got a personal e-mail from the founders (Gia and Grant Freer), then a phone call, soon we were chatting and laughing in Twitter and then I was fortunate enough to spend some time this past weekend with them on our boat making fun of Grant’s English accent (squall and all).

So what am I talking about here?

Go out of your way to welcome somebody, to help out in any way you can. Open your mind to the possibilities that this Internet World is opening to us – connect with old friends. Don’t be so methodical and don’t strategize your every move. By joining the conversation you are opening up to a world that is so powerful that it will make your head spin!…….just wait.

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