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Do You Want to Know Where I Am?

Buddy Beacon

We’ve been hearing about tracking devices and GPS systems for your cell phone, but I am so glad to see these take off for very selfish reasons (can keep track of my kids and my hubby…..not that I have to) icon wink Do You Want to Know Where I Am?

Seriously…. for all of us that do the social networking thing, it could be cool to know where we are and can see people already using systems like brightkite to “check in” – it could also be annoying, depends if you are OCD or not.

buddy beacon

But interestingly enough, I started thinking about Real Estate Applications for Buddy Beacon that can benefit a lot of us:

  • Real Estate Teams staying connected
  • Big office applications for broker’s opens or caravans (yes a lot of office still do those)
  • When showing properties to clients
  • To see how far away a colleague is from a particular appointment

I’m sure you can come up with a lot more applications. This whole GPS thing can be a little scary and you have to be careful who you let “in” to check your location but it is all a matter of CONTROL.

Buddy Beacon is not a tracking application. Your location is only updated when you set your location. Buddy Beacon is currently available on select mobile phones

Now HERE’s where it gets interesting – uLocate (the maker of Buddy Beacon) has teamed up with Garmin (The GPS company) to make this application take off and really be a useful tool. According to our friends at Mashable,

As Garmin creates standalone GPS devices, there is some overlap between Garmin’s capabilities and those found on other devices like the iPhone, so integrating with social networking and providing ways in which people can use Garmin’sGPS devices to connect with each other offline means that Garmin is increasing its value and moving towards the support of a more inclusive ecosystem for the use of its devices.

Integration is the key, especially when using different systems that we are all into. Now to figure out how else to apply it to our real estate business to make our lives easier and more productive.

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