Green does not have to mean unfashionable and scruffy

With all this talk about Green from our our own Dena and JaneAnn, I started doing a little research and came upon a great article and site that are so refreshing, I needed to share it with you. Hybrid DesignNeal Woodburn of Gadling – the travelers weblog, starts off by saying “It wasn’t so long ago that “environmentally conscious” meant scratchy hemp clothing and unshaved armpits. Times have changed, however. A handful of architects and designers are now crafting eco-friendly products that don’t sacrifice fashion and comfort for the sake of the planet. This means we can be stylish and save the world while doing so.”   That statement is so true – green does not have to mean unfashionable and scruffy – “green believers” don’t have to wear Birkenstocks and Flannel.  There is a new wave, a wave about loving our earth and our environment without compromising style.

Neal also guides you to an incredible site called Hybrid Living that highlights green designers with profiles and tours including cities like Seattle, Washington DC, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.
Don’t miss LIVING HOMES featuring pre-fabricated homes designed by architect Ray Kappe – those homes blew me away for many reasons – simplicity, materials, modern design and overall feel.

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