Ken De Loreto and Ritch Holben –

It is truly difficult to write a glowing testimonial for Ines and Rick. Why? Well, finding words that are strong enough without sounding clichéd, overused, or trite necessitates an unabridged dictionary. So, we’ll err on the side of simplicity. They rock!

From the first contact with Ines we were guided with care and compassion. The full story of our recent, successful purchase of a short sale condo in midtown Miami, while appropriate for the Halloween season upon us, is too long and harrowing to recount. However, throughout it all, Ines and Rick were there to keep us calm, encourage our patience, and close the gaps in our knowledge. For example, Ines’s clearly stating right up front that ‘short sales are long and tough, but if you’re patient…’ kept us focused and realistic. She never ‘sold’ anything to us, but rather let us buy. She never forced her perspective on us, but rather shared honest assessment and data for our consideration. She was professional, tireless, and real with us both face-to-face and long-distance. When tough economic reports in the news made us anxious, her insight and intelligence kept us balanced. The process took over five months…five months of little to no movement on the part of the seller’s bank, but not Ines. She moved! She was our advocate and communication link while the bank thought about the short sale, misplaced paperwork, thought some more, and passed our offer from level to level, operating as if heavily sedated. The only thing that made us stay with the short sale process, other than perhaps naivete, was the realistic hope that she continued to instill in us (and the desire for warm weather in the Winter, of course.) Completing the picture, Rick offered the detail, humor, and smarts that were needed to help us get the right mechanics moving. If the bank was going to slow this down, Rick and Ines ensured that we wouldn’t.

So, while we’re not ones to gush, in rereading what we’ve written above about Ines and Rick, we realize it’s nearly a love letter. So be it. It’s deserved. If you have any choice in the team with whom you work on your real estate search or transaction, the choice is clear and absolute: Rick and Ines. Period.