Tony Grey –

We Need To Find More Customers Like Ines Hegedus-Garcia To Listen To In 2008: Ines is a wildly successful REALTOR and blogger in the Miami area. We did some property videos for her around mid-year. Little did I realize how she would get us to think completely differently about the real estate business. Her standards for a successful video were incredibly high and often laid out in excrutiating detail. My notes from our conversations are still a veritable treasure trove of REALTOR expectations for property video production.

It would have been oh so easy to just nod and agree, and then go off and continue doing what we were doing. But we didnt. We listened (even to the hard messages) and our business is so much better for it. I still find myself occasionally thinking about what Ines might have to say while reviewing an edited real estate video.

From use of widgets to why she loves/hates certain online products to what details should and should not be highlighted in a property video, Ines made a world of difference for us. We incorporated a bunch of technical and business process items as a result of our time spent with Ines. About half of our work items for 2008 are derived from things that Ines said that we need to make easier in order to expand our business.