Why isn’t my house selling

Here’s an old article that needs to be republished not only for it’s useful information, but its sense of humor – you guys should know how much I like “snarky” by now.

Whether you are a seller in Miami Shores or Miami Beach, we get asked this question a lot!  Why aren’t houses selling? 

Well…. Rick showed me this great article from MSN Money called 6 Reasons Houses Don’t Sell by Bankrate.com. (yes, it was Rick…no chuckles please). 

Make sure you read the article,  Lenn Harley, (a dear colleague), was quoted! The beginning is priceless –

Has your lawn grown up around that “For Sale” sign? Have the wasps moved into the lock box on your front door? Did you just receive an invitation to your real estate agent’s retirement party?

The 6 Reasons Houses Don’t Sell, according to the article are:

1.  Your home is overpriced

2.  Your home doesn’t “show” well

3.  You’re in a bad location

4.  You have a lousy listing agent (I thought this one was a little harsh but really Laughed!)

5.  You are battling competition or market conditions

6.  You have ineffective marketing

All sellers should be looking at this article, it is clear and to the point and will help you understand some real estate adversities.  The reason your home is not selling could be one or a combination of any of these.  There are some that cannot be remedied like location, but the rest are within your control.  

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