5 Biggest Real Estate Myths

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I love when I get good blog fodder from my Tweeps!  This Today Show video was sent to me by Russ Perlowski and is one of those that applies to all markets and is good information to provide to our real estate blog readers (no matter how local your blog is).

5 Biggest Real Estate Myths:

  1. Sellers are desperate
  2. Don’t buy before prices have bottomed
  3. You can’t buy a home unless you have 20% down
  4. Now’s the absoulte worst time to sell
  5. Before you refinance, shop around.

Brief and to the point – I especially like number 1 – we are seeing a lot of buyers assuming that sellers HAVE to be desperate because their house is empty, because it’s been on the market for a while or worse yet, just because they choose to sell in today’s market.

**original article on AgentGenius.com **

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