5 Biggest Real Estate Myths

The Today Show did a piece that is an absoulte must see – these apply to any real estate market but especially to Miami Beach Real Estate (I can see colleagues all over the nation saying….”no…it applies more here”).

It was sent to me by Russ Perlowski and also posted it at AgentGenius.com.

5 Biggest Real Estate Myths:

  1. Sellers are desperate
  2. Dont buy before prices have bottomed
  3. You cant buy a home unless you have 20% down
  4. Nows the absolute worst time to sell
  5. Before you refinance, shop around.

I think everyone can agree that making assumptions is never a good strategy to approach a big real estate purchase. The best thing you can do when considering buying a piece of Miami Real Estate is to contact a Realtor you know and start asking – a good Miami Realtor will explain market intricacies that may not be that obvious and will help you create a good plan.

2 thoughts on “5 Biggest Real Estate Myths

  1. Hey Ines, you beat me to it. I need to start moving a little faster in the future =) I happened to catch this last week. We’ve been saying this around here but when Barbara talks, people listen.

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