9 Things to ask your Miami Beach Realtor

When choosing a Miami Beach Realtor, you do research, you ask around and you look at real estate sales and movement in your area – but do you know what to ask a Miami Realtor once they are in front of you? Here are some basic questions you should ask to help you make an informed decision when choosing a Realtor.

1. Are they in Real Estate Full Time?

This is huge since a lot in the industry have had to take second jobs to supplement their income. You want to make sure that the professional you choose can handle and is focused in handling your real estate needs at a moment’s notice.

2. Do they know sign language?

Communication is key between parties and that’s the number one objection we hear from our customers about the real estate industry. Ask how your Realtor will communicate with you during the process – regular e-mails, phone calls, smoke signals, snail-mail, telex (I’m dating myself here).

3. How will they promote, push and plug your property?

The word “marketing” can be very broad. Make sure the agent details their marketing plan with specifics – Social Media, Print advertising, Internet and Traditional methods. Placing a property in the MLS and putting a sign in front of a property is not enough in today’s market.

4. Who will do the honors?

Ask who will show your property – will they have an assistant available or will they use the legendary lock-box? If this is important to you, make sure you ask. I would also make sure to ask who will have the keys to your property and how will access be granted if they are not the ones showing the property.

5. Do they answer their phone?

I know this seems trivial, but you would be surprised how few agents answer their phone and actually return messages in a prompt manner.

6. Do they have paparazzi qualities?

This is the number one complaint from buyers today – when looking for properties they skip the ones without photos or the ones with bad or few photos. Make sure you ask your agent how quickly they will photograph the property and include those photos in all marketing and who will take the photos. (there’s an inside joke in the industry about agents who photograph toilets). Sometimes a creative eye that discriminates a particular property feature will attract traffic to the listing. And professional photography is a MUST!!

7. Can they dance?

Once your property is under contract – how do they manage the transaction? Are they experienced in dealing with all the problems and objections of today’s real estate market. Many contracts that fall through due to poor transaction management.

8. Do they sleep around?

Will they look out for your best interest or theirs? This is a difficult question to ask and you need to be able to discriminate against true and honest answers.

9. What’s their annoyance factor?

It is customary for agents to keep in touch with you so you remember them and refer them business. It’s never a bad idea to ask how they plan to do this. This is very personal since you may not mind drip campaigns for the rest of your life made up of postcards and recipes, phone calls and inquiries. But this is also a great way to learn about the agent’s business practice. **one of my faves – originally written on January 24th, 2009**

12 thoughts on “9 Things to ask your Miami Beach Realtor

  1. Love this story! I’ve been hearing some of the complaints from people about the very things your Top 9 describe. Would love to know more… could make a fantastic TV story for WPLG.

    Great stuff.


  2. Susan – I think the whole idea is to place yourself in the consumer’s shoes and try to get an inside scoop on the process (you have to admit that it is so common for us we don’t even think about it). I’ve been hearing a LOT about the “annoyance factor” lately and the consumer doesn’t understand why some agents go to some extremes.

    Mark – anytime you are ready – would love to help you with that.

  3. Hi Irina – thank you – funny thing is when Rick read it he said “sleep around?…are you sure you want to write that?” LOL

  4. Great post! The trick to forming any good list is in the bullet point descriptions, (i.e. can they dance?, do they sleep around?) and you nailed it Ines. Tell Rick to not be so skittish, this is blogging after all. πŸ™‚ Keep it comin, you guys have a great site.

  5. Thanks Austin – Rick gets nervous sometimes when i throw my personality into these posts!….but we are allowed to have a little fun, no?

  6. Ines – I’m so glad you posted this. This is fabulous! I may have to borrow this (and credit you of course πŸ™‚ And you should ALWAYS let your fabulous personality show through on your blog posts. You rock!

  7. Thanks Stacie – Rick objected to the “sleeping around” question πŸ™‚

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  9. LOL Larry…..only those who follow closely will know to ask that πŸ˜‰

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