900 Biscayne Bay Luxury Condo in Miami

900 Biscayne Bay Luxury CondoRick and I visited 900 Biscayne Bay Condo and there are tons of positive and negative things I can say about the project but for the most part it will be positive. The location is central and ideal if you like to be close to the action.  You can actually see The Center for Performing Arts from the building, are almost in front of the American Airlines Arena, can walk to Bayside Marketplace, you have the Metro-mover right behind the building to take you to Downtown Miami and I-395 within a stone-throw away that takes you to Miami Beach. The views are nothing short of spectacular and will never be blocked because of Museum Park right on the bay across from the building.  We had the pleasure of seeing a few pent-houses as well as smaller units and lower floor units.  My general opinion is that the bedrooms were small and sometimes the distribution a bit choppy, but I really liked the kitchens with European style cabinets, marble tops, Miele appliances and Subzero refrigerators. When you are buying into any of the 4 side-by-side buildings which include:  Ten Museum Park, Marina Blue, 900 Biscayne Bay or Marquis (currently under construction), you are buying for location and for the view.  Any small flaws in design are compensated by the amazing views of Miami, Miami Beach and The Port of Miami. The building was designed by Architect Luis Revuelta and to me it was very obvious because of the labyrinthian quality of the floorplans and common areas.  The hallways are quite confusing when coming in and out of elevators, but will only experience that when going to the common areas. The Interior Design and finishes done by Sam Robin are spectacular – for me to say I have nothing to critique is huge.  I loved every material and method of execution used by Sam.  The spaces are somber and elegant and leave no questions unanswered.

900 Biscayne Bay - Miami Luxury Condos

Something else to expect is that the extreme units will be close to the adjacent buildings, some of our customers would consider it too close for comfort, but that can be overcome by buying an inside unit with a straight view of Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay. This is the description of the 900 Biscayne Bay by the developer:

The downtown Miami mixed-use development by Terra Group was designed by acclaimed architect Luis Revuelta. The building is a fusion of cutting-edge architectural design, state-of-the art technology and grand hotel-style amenities that is located in the heart of Miamis burgeoning museum and performing arts district on Biscayne Bay. Architect Revuelta captured the bay views by angling the building and creating an undulating façade. Its unique architectural design is complemented by the vision of celebrated designer, Sam Robin, who has created a serene yet strong interior that will showcase modern art and design.

900 Biscayne Bay - Miami Luxury Condos

900 Biscayne Bay - Common areas

900 Biscayne Bay - pool deck

Building features are as follows:

  • Private Elevators for select units
  • Concierge
  • Valet
  • 2 Main Pool Areas
  • Garden Lounge and Observation Deck with exquisite views of Biscayne Bay
  • Wet Bar
  • Massage Rooms
  • Jacuzzi, Steam, Sauna and Cool-Down Rooms
  • Fitness Center featuring cardio equipment & free weights
  • Residents Club
  • Private Screening room
  • Wireless access (WiFi) throughout the building
  • Office, Retail and Commercial Space available

Unit size / features:

  • 1 3+den Bedroom Units from 970 to 2,300 sq. ft.
  • Penthouses from 2,700 to 3,800 sq. f
  • Custom interior design packages available per unit
  • Pre-wired units offering a variety of voice/data/television options
  • Private terraces
  • European style kitchens with stainless steel appliances, stone countertops and stone master baths

We visited PH 5901 (A line) – with 3,493 square feet under air conditioning, private elevator – 3 bedrooms plus a den and 4 and 1/2 bathrooms. 900 Biscayne Bay PH PH 5903 (B line) are 2,825 square feet, have 3 bedrooms and 3 and 1/2 bathrooms and start at $1,945,000 (Penthouses run from the 59th to the 63 floor) 900 Biscayne Bay PH We also visited tower unit 3301 (A line) also with private Elevator, 1,796 square feet under air conditioning – 2 bedrooms plus a den and 3 and 1/2 bathrooms.  These units start at $772,000 900 Biscayne Bay tower units The building also has town homes from the 5th to the 15th floor and Flats on the 3rd and 4th floors.  They are 2 bedroom units plus a den with either 2 and 1/2 baths or 3 bathrooms and start at $682,000.  Flats are on the 3rd and 4th floors with either 1 bedroom plus a den or 1 bedroom, 2 baths and the prices were not yet available.

Building features and residence conveniences include:

  • 24-hour concierge available to assist with travel, dining and theatre arrangements
  • 24-hour valet services
  • Secured parking
  • 3-story lobby of distinction created by Sam Robin
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • High speed Internet access available in units
  • HDTV satellite outlets available in units
  • Wireless Internet capabilities in all of the buildings common areas
  • Staffed entry w/ 24-hour security staff w/ electronic observation and digital recording system
  • High-speed elevators with secure key access
  • Residents amenities spaces comprised of a pool deck lounge for relaxing, informal gatherings or hosting special events (serviced by a catering kitchen and bar), a “library” with sumptuous seating and original works of art, and a screening room with surround sound and seating accommodating for 50 guests
  • Professional building management
  • Concierge services

Retail and Offices

  • Signature restaurant and outdoor café fronting Biscayne Boulevard
  • Prime shops at Boulevard level
  • Over 80,000 sq ft of prime office space with views of Biscayne Bay and the Performing Arts Center

Fitness Center, Spa and Pool Area

  • Luxurious relaxation amenities with views of the pool terrace
  • Yoga / aerobics area
  • Men’s and women’s locker room, sauna and showers
  • Advanced exercise / cardio equipment with computerized system allowing instant monitoring and tracking of performance
  • Over 20,000 sq ft of recreation deck with views of the bay and the city
  • 2 temperature-controlled pools
  • Lush gardens
  • Whirlpool spa

Unit Features

  • Residents can choose from eleven floor plans for one, two or three bedroom spaces
  • Private terraces
  • Tinted, energy-efficient and impact-resistant sliding glass doors and windows
  • Energy-efficient air conditioning and heating system
  • Spacious walk-in closets
  • European style kitchens with stainless steel appliances and stone countertops
  • Stone master baths
  • Subzero refrigerator
  • Miele dishwasher
  • Miele wall oven
  • Miele cook top
  • Eurotech washer/dryer
  • Faber ventilation system
  • Miele coffee maker for penthouse
Remember our team is ready to help you with your 900 Biscayne Bay Condo Purchase or sale and of course surrounding condos as well. Call us for details 305.758.2323 or 900biscaynebay@miamism.com
Condo Name:  900 Biscayne Bay Condos Arquitecture:  Luis Revuelta Interior Design: Sam Robin Neighborhood: Miami Airlines Arena – Downtown Miami Location: 900 Biscayne Blvd – Miami Contact: 900biscaynebay@miamism.com

**article also available in Spanish –900 Biscayne Bay – Condominio de Lujo en Miami **

7 thoughts on “900 Biscayne Bay Luxury Condo in Miami

  1. 900 Biscayne Bay has a very good location, an enviable view, large balconies and very pleasant common areas. But if you decide to enjoy the above mentioned you will have to decide to live with countless problems and disadvantages. It is “THE WORST EVER” building to reside.
    In my personal experience as a current tenant since the building opened 3 years ago, I’ve been through and suffered many problems. Today, after so helpless not being able to resolve and not have answers to most of all the problems, and before leaving the building this year as my contract ends in 4 longed months, I decided to express my frustrations and let know as many people as my ability will allow me, all the problems this building had and still has, this misnamed 5 star building.
    The worst of all is the bad management of this building being conducted by its general manager L.B. and the administrative assistant D.M. To speak to general manager after reporting problems via emails or phone calls which are never answered or resolved one has to take time off work and make an appointment because the administration’s schedule is not flexible and may not be altered in any way. If a problem arises on a Friday which is when they usually happen, there will be no response regardless how important it may be.
    These two people have not the slightest idea how to manage a building, much less a building of this category. When trying to solve a problem, they create other problems far more complicated that neither of them know how to solve. They never answer your claims, and much less contact you neither by email or telephone. Their way to solve issues is by telling you “you’re right, we will try for it not to happen again” or they just simply tell you they don’t have an answer for you. The building is managed entirely by a Web Site that does not work properly with all web browsers, and they themselves haven’t the slightest idea of how it works. They tell you to contact the Web site administrator directly and resolve as you can. They have no control or knowledge at all about this system, but enforce 100% use by the residents. This system is used, among other things, to provide access to all your guests and family into your home. I have encountered too many problems and inconveniences with this system, both in the past and still in the present that even my father was refused entry to the building about 2 months ago when he was bringing medicine for my sick child, and he was on the guest list. My father has refused to return to the building because of the treatment he received and all of this happens because they have not synchronized the information on file with the information from the Web Site, it happens constantly. Then, there is also the poor quality of the building, even though it apparently looks great. The elevators remain broken most of the time, for more than three years now my family and I have shared the elevators with contractors, construction materials and dust of all kinds. Not to mention that last year I was stuck in elevator number 2 for an hour and a half before the workers from the company that repair the elevators came to get me out and I could not believe none of the two individuals mentioned above were there to apologize or acknowledge the bad time I went through when that happened. Of course I had to waste time and go to the administration office to express all my helplessness. This will never end because the developer of the building was apparently trying to save as much money as possible in elevators whose marks are not visible by any, only God knows where they were taken. Due to cracks in the building structure that have not been fixed to date, the pool on the lower deck has remained closed since last year when the company that was going to fix it stopped working last December. Management either has no idea when this issue will be resolved or they feel the residents have no right to an explanation; which is very unethical since we (the residents) pay for this service and pay dearly.
    Although the building was completed 3 years ago the residents are still suffering from the remodeling of the main entrance which has been under renovation for months without a sure end date. The entrance doors on both the first and third floors are either broken or temporarily closed. In recent years this building has had to completely redo the pool from the upper deck due to leaks. There was also strong sewage smell in the corridors and even in the units (which have been arranged in some way but from time to time, when it rains a lot it can be sensed). There were leaks in the 15th floor common areas and in the same lobby as well, also the roofs of the units were cracked.
    On the 20th floor there was a rupture of a water pipe that completely destroyed the unit and poured water through the hallway at least 5 or 6 floors down.
    Bathrooms to occupied units had to be redone due to leakage. The master bath tiles are the worst and cheapest in the world. No matter how clean, they are always dirty and the water runs along the floor of the bathroom due to bad design and construction finish.
    At times money left in your car disappears, the valet parking personnel does not open your car door upon arrival, yet they linger on the driver door side for a tip when bringing your car back without offering help if a person is tied up with a stroller or car seat. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes or more for valet to bring your car.
    Many of you may have heard on the news that Dwayne Wade rented a penthouse in this building but the truth is that the only time I saw him was last October, when his first match with LeBron and Bosh. That day the system of all the elevators of the building had a problem which caused them to stop for hours. That day I personally saw Wade wait much more than half an hour to get his car. Since then I have not seen him any more.
    Now, after I have explained “some” of the reasons that motivated me to take more of my time and vent my frustration in this letter, you have all the information I never had to help me make the best choice. Therefore, you can make a better decision whether you want to waste your money into this building or looking for any other one in the area that for sure will not have half of the problems that this so called “ 5 stars building” faces.

  2. Jorge,
    Thank you for your point of view, it’s always good to know “the other side” of the coin. Your perspective as a renter is different than an owner though and that’s because they will have a vested interest in the building. I do warn you though, every single new building, no matter who the developer is or where it is located, will have a long period of tweaks, especially with management.

    It’s all about how much owners want to spend in maintenance fees and how they establish rules and regulations that will determine how good the building will behave in the future. I’m sure you are not the only one complaining.

    Best of luck to you wherever you choose to move!

  3. Sorry but I do express my self better in Spanish and Jorge is abosolutly right

    Elevadores rotos todas las semanas pasillos abandonados sin mantenimiento , La estructura del edificio en reparacion por meses ,piscina rotas no se pueden usar , el spa de mujeres sigue con machas blancas como hongos saliendo de las ranuras un liqueo que sigue hay por meses y meses .Y de paso la comapania que maneja el edificio todo lo que hace es abusar de uso de autoridad nos permite el paso a nuestras vivienda tienes que mostrarle el ID y si quieres tener visitas el mismo dia o al suguiente dia no puedes por que tienes que llenar un formulario de quienes vienen son Blancos o Negros, Latinos o Europeos como se llaman y el ID de cada uno de ellos esto se llama HARASSMENT esto va en contra de los residentes y no es un edificio amistoso del nada esto parece la carcel de la forma como tratan a tus invitados es deplorable!!!!!!! e insultante
    Hay 20 personas trabajando para protejer la estructura del edificio y para impedirte el acceso ;Pero no hay nadie trabajando en la piscina, no hay toallas en la piscina, no hay cobertores para las sillas , no hay toallas en el spa ni en el Ginnasio ni una persona que lo atienda. las maquinas del Ginnasio estas sonando no tienen mantenimiento en el Spa Srs por favor
    Mi consejo que se denun vueltica por MURANO GRANDE o el ICON de SOUTH BEACH en el cual te atiende cordialmente de lo mas generosos con una sonrisa desde que llegas hasta que te vas te, tratan con dignida humana y con respeto ,Este edificio tienen menos de la mitad de las unidades que tiene 900 biscayne. y se pagan un average de $1200 dollares mensules por unidad casi lo mismo que aca siendo que 900 tiene muchasssss pero muchas mas unidades y el costo de mantenimiento deveria de ser un tercio de lo que se paga en el ICON SOUTH BEACH. Senores deveras es un modelo que ustedes deverian seguir en el cual tratan a los residentes como personas, como humanos con amabilidad ,con respecto .NO como policias y criminales que es el trato que recivimos en 900son muy rudos muy rusdos is tienes un paquete in te reconcocen cuando haz hido 40 veces a buscar paquetes en el mismo sitio con la misma persona tienes que ir a tu unidad a buscar tu ID paraque te den tu paquete como residente ????, En el ICON se la pasan limpiando y manteniendo todas las areas comunes, todo los espacios recreacionales y comunes funcionan a la perfeccion e inclusive hasta tienen restaurantesque se come increiblemente bien . Enn el Spa hay 2 personas trabajando en el Ginnasio 2 tambien en ;la piscina 3 mas el chico de la tohallas front desk 2 mas concierge y todo es amoroso, armonioso amistoso y puedes recivir visitantes las veces que te plasca con completa libertad absoluta sin que te esten escaneando cada vez que entras a tu casa !!!!! LIBERTAD y PRIVACIDAD!!!!!!! es lo que no te pueden privar en ninguna parte del mundo in menos en ningun edificio !!!!!! Este control ecxesivo de policias que hay en 900 es abusivo y en el cual te privan de tu liberta y de tus derechos como residente y como ser humano

  4. Penelope,
    I so much appreciate an “insider’s perspective” on this condo but please let me elaborate on the cost of the 2 buildings you are comparing.

    The median price for a 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom residence at 900 Biscayne Bay is $580,000, compared to $1.35 Million at Icon South Beach – HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

    As for rentals – the average 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom unit at 900 Biscayne Bay rents for about $3,000 per month compared to $5,500 at Icon South Beach – again….HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

    I know service should not have a price, but we also have to be fair about types of buildings we compare.

  5. Ines, the problem is not the value of the building. I have live in Downtown Miami for around 10 years and have visited and lived in several buildings in the area, such as Brickell on the River, Wind and others. These two for example are much lower quality than the 900 but the service you receive is 300% better than what you get in 900.
    Luckily my contract in 900 expired and I live pleasantly again, I still receive emails from the 900 and I find out what is happening as the lower deck swimming pool will remain closed at least until next year

  6. One more thing, I leave the building for more than 40 days and I am still waiting to get back my deposit, apparently the office management needs much more time to write a check, sign and mail.

  7. Jorge,
    You have given me an excellent idea for an article – it has to do with developers resorting to renting units they cannot sell and not really providing the service they need. It seems like that’s exactly what’s going on at 900 Biscayne Bay, according to yours and Penelope’s description.

    It’s a bad situation not only for those renting, but for those owners that see a lot of transient traffic which don’t exactly provide the perfect living conditions.

    The ideal developer would manage the rentals in a professional manner including having a full-time management team to address common issues.

    And for your information – the Landlord-Tenant Act has very specific time restraints regarding deposits, you should check into that.

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