A Video from Mothers Fighting For Others

Many of you know that we are involved in a few charitable organizations. Our belief is pretty simple, you need to give in order to receive. Mothers Fighting For Others is one of those causes dear to our heart and one of the reasons is that it’s a small grassroots organization. It’s moms like you and me (or your wife or sister or neighbor), who decided that they could give beyond their family and have been able to break every day boundaries to help children elsewhere. Please note that this is not a huge national organization with all kinds of overhead where you give $8.99 per month to provide food and clothing to a needy child.  MFFO is helping an orphanage of girls in Kenya and these moms take trips to visit the girls and make sure they are taken care of.  Imagine this, leaving your family for 3-4 weeks at a time to help these needy children.  **side note:  please read GIFT OF EDUCATION goals ** We sponsor one little girl by the name of Lillian at St. Monica’s and couldn’t be any happier that we received a video this week.  Love seeing how shy she is and also love to see how much she has grown. Of course I would love for you to get involved in MFFO.org, but the reality is that we would just be happy if everyone reached out and gave in their own way.  Just last week, we attended a Social Media Club of South Florida meet-up where the speaker, Rohit Bhargava shared this video from GirlEffect.org – its powerful message touched our hearts and made us realize how important our involvement is.  Take a look and start thinking about how you can help change the world.

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