Another cool tool to add to the list

I’m not known as a gadget person, and certainly don’t consider myself a techie……on the contrary, I can be technically challenged at times, but I AM determined (or Rick may call it stubborn). Have you seen Qik?

Where you can stream live video directly to your blog from your mobile phone?

I am dying for someone to tell me if they have tried it. I recently set up a mobile phone blog and can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is.

Now the idea of posting video directly to a blog from my cell phone has to be the ultimate. ( too bad the iphone doesn’t have video capability……what were they thinking?).

I can see myself taking a quick video of a listing, or a local restaurant or park, even video taping someone coming into an open house. I can also see this used for security measures, now that there is so much talk about the safety of our industry and having people know where you are at all times.

So tell us if you’ve tried it, give us your take – show us examples if you’re brave.

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