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I got an e-mail from a dear client (who I absolutely love) saying this:

There’s a story on the ‘Today Show’ this morning about the lengths to which some Realtors are going to sell property.  Crystals, smudge sticks, etc.  Crazy times.  I’m sure you have found more helpful techniques.

The Today Show points out that sellers are using Wacky Tactics to try to sell their homes in this “terrible down market” – but my question to you is:

If a client came up to you and said, “I heard smudging is going to get rid of all the negative and unwanted energy in my house and I want to try it out” – would you say “GET OUT OF TOWN!!!” or would you be open to trying it out.

I have a theory – it has nothing to do with beliefs, religion or energy; it has to do with intent and psychology.  I’ve written about it before and I will not bore you with details, but here’s the jest of it (with regards to burying a St. Joseph statue):

In the case of sellers, we encounter that a lot of the time there are emotional blocks where subconsciously a seller does not really want to sell their home; whether it’s because of priceless memories that the home holds or simply because they dread having to pack and move and to find a new place. (I know this may be a bit far fetched for “the skeptics”).

The actual ritual of buying and burying the statue can help break the emotional block, and ultimately make the house more welcoming to prospective buyers.

So if you have a seller that may have not listened to your requests and advice from the beginning and now wants to bury a voodoo doll in their yard with a St. Joseph statue and Buddha for company, hang crystals, smudge their house, sing Hallelujah, stand upside down in their master bedroom while drinking Mojitos made with imported mint from The Dominican Republic – why not?

I’m not telling you to run out and perform the rituals yourself, I’m asking you to look deeper into the act of performing the ritual and you may discover a door into getting the job done.

Yes I’m crazy at times – it also helps to do your job right – but that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

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