The Blog Hub steals Copyrighted content!!

Yes you read correctly – The Blog Hub is stealing miamism’s content even after we have repeatedly asked them to take it down. The Blog Hub is stealing my copyrighted blog content without permission  and posting it to their blog via RSS Feed.  They do not have permission to post miamism’s content!

1 thought on “The Blog Hub steals Copyrighted content!!

  1. FYI

    I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone.

    This happened to my 3 blog as well. I wrote the post below, and filed a DMCA complaint with Google. Others in an ad network I belong to (CMFads) were then alerted in the Forums, and some others filed DMCA’s.

    Net result: Google Adsense ads have been removed. Google search results no longer bring up thebloghub copy of my original work.

    The site is still there and maybe someday it will be forced to shut down.

    You can read my posting at:

    Thanks for writing your post in May.


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