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10 Best Instagram spots in Miami - 2021 Edition

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Miami is photogenic, no news there.  I always get comments from friends from other cities that tell me how lucky I am to be able to take great photos - DUH!!

A lot of my photos are not just Miami Lifestyle, but will have a architecture or historic edge to them because we are your Miami Architectural REALTORS.

Our Instagram Account is @miamism - Please note that all the photos we feature are ours unless we give credit otherwise. We are not professional photographers and most of the photos you’ll see in our instagram account have been taken with an iphone. Other than the obvious beach shots with pretty palm trees, white sand and clear ocean, we wanted to share Miami’s Best Instagram spots. 

NOTE: Please don’t copy photos that are not yours. Always give credit and don’t assume you can take photos just because they are on google. They have intellectual rights and it’s simply stealing.

Best Instagram Spots in Miami

In no particular order, here are the Most Instagrammable spots in Miami 

1. Stiltsville

(here's some history if you are interested: Stiltsville - a Miami Landmark)

2. Arkup Livable Yacht

Yes...a floating house that moves around our waterways and never know where it will be next

3. The Hardrock Guitar

Technically not Miami but yes "Miami"

4. The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables

5. Miami's Design District

Shops, exhibits, Palm Court - yes bougie, but so Miami

6. Concrete Landscapes Miami 

Art installation by Bo.Droga.Art at The University Station (Metrorail tracks in Coral Gables)

7. ICA Miami Art Museum

8. The Orb - South Beach

9. Florida Keys bridges

Any of them, at any time, you can't go wrong.

10. The Miami Marine Stadium

So what are your favorite spots - send us a DM or email us.  So many photo ops, so little time!

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