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Miamism Summertime Fun

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Miami summertime fun is here and we couldn't wait to share all the amazing things available for you.  In addition to our famous Miamism Mojitos, several establishments are getting creative, especially with the new social distancing rules.

Social-distancing hack for a day at the beach

Timeout Miami tells us that Lolo's Surf Cantina, located South of Fifth, came up with a burrito picnic that is absolutely amazing!

Lolo’s Surf Cantina just launched a grab-and-go package for two that’s filled with all the delicious sustenance you’ll need to take you through a day in the sun. Called the Burri-toes in the Sand, the complete meal for two includes a bottle of pre-batched margaritas, heavy-duty plastic cups, lime wedges, each person’s choice of burrito and chips and guacamole to share. The complete package is $69 and available for pick-up seven days a week. Orders can be placed in person or ahead of time by calling the restaurant (305-735-6973).

Best part is that it comes in an insulated bag and comes with a burrito blanket for you to keep.

Home Cocktail Kit helps support Miami Bartenders

 Adam DelGiudice - courtesy

This is totally up our alley.  If you can't go to the bar, bring the bar experience home AND you still get to support your local barkeep.  Cafe La Trova partnered with Company Toast to bring a cocktail kit with live Zoom demos. 100 percent of proceeds from La Trova's Cantinero Experience go to the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program.

Love this quote: 

If there was ever a reason to drink, paying it forward with a cocktail is it!

The Cafe La Trova kits can be purchased in person at Cafe La Trova, 971 SW Eight St. When purchasing a kit, the person will be asked for their email address and will be sent a link to connect to the next virtual event, taking place on Fridays at 7 p.m.

Miami fine-dining restaurants now offer takeout

Some of our favorite Miami restaurants now have takeout.  And if that's not enough, take a look at Ubereats or Postmates for newly joined restaurants that will deliver.  We actually had KIU this past Saturday, never disappoints. 

Some on the list:  Carpaccio, Alter, Fiola, Stubborn Seed, The Surf Club, Prime 112, Zuma, Casa Tua, and so many more!! (I confess it's not the same as enjoying the service and food in the actual establishments, but you will be supporting local restaurants that need our help).

Old-Fashioned Drive-in fun from home

Coral Gables Art Cinema offers a drive-in and virtual screening room programs from home.

So, you’re not actually leaving your house, but you can now stream 24 public domain films for free straight from the Gables Cinema website—and three new movies are added to the collection each day. In the Virtual Screening Room, you can peep the same edgy new arthouse releases that Gables Cinema would play during normal operation (rental fees vary and directly support the continued operation of the theater)

And if that's not enough, check out CarFlix Cinema at Dezerland Park in North Miami.

Miami Spice

Nope, not cancelled - please check out participating Miami Spice restaurants and also "Spice & Stay" with amazing hotel and food packages for the perfect staycation.

On June 1, Miami Spice will offer three-course lunch/brunch ($25) and dinner ($39) at participating restaurants. The program will run through the end of September.

If you have other suggestions or great tips of Summertime Fun Activities, please let us know, we'd love to add them to the list.

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