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It’s not often that you hear me getting exited about a new web directory and although I have not seen results yet, I wanted to share.  They do say that the early adopters usually get the best results… let’s try it out.

It’s started with a message from a Miami Tweet and friend, @ChristineMAdolf (who works for Brownbook) that read:

@Scobleizer’s interview with Brownbook founders @marc_lyne and @daveingram: I’m happy to be a part of this!

Custom Profile

So… curious as I am, I went to check out Scoble’s interview of the founders of and ended up filling a custom profile:

The process was easy, painless, customizable, easy on the eyes and on my non-techie brain – doesn’t get better than that. (actually, it does…..let’s hope for results now).

What makes this directory different?

So here’s why I’m excited about this particular directory.  First, their aim is to go world-wide.  Second, it’s inexpensive.  Third, for those of us that do a lot of foreign national business, it’s a way to get our foot out there in Europe which can lead to more business locally and more exposure.  Fourth, the founders are on Twitter!! (hands on an working it!).  Fifth, they have killer accents!

Here’s what Marc Lyne, one of the co-founders of Brownbook, wrote for our Agent Genius readers:

We created Brownbook because we saw the need for a global business directory that would be more flexible and affordable for businesses than traditional directories, one that was built by us all. Realtors often work independently and finding new ways to reach potential clients, and to connect with them online, is an important part of their online marketing strategy. Realtors can use Brownbook, not only to offer their own services, but also to have online testimonials that would help them increase the confidence of their potential customers. For a nominal annual fee (less than a round of coffees), we provide a set of innovative tools that enable realtors to customize their listing by changing the layout and adding their logo, videos, pictures, a detailed business description, external widgets and re-using Brownbook features, like their reviews, as Bidgets (Business Widgets) on other websites.


I do always have questions when I test new systems – one obviously will deal with how successful the directory will become.  A business directory is only as powerful as the information provided and how that information is delivered and communicated.

The skeptic in me also wonders how reviews will go, knowing that there are malicious people out there who go out of their way to be mean. The actual input of information and “claiming” of a business is an interesting concept, but there has to be monitoring – also to be seen.

But all in all, I’m impressed and I like what I see.  It’s another notch in my “look where we expose our business” log.

Go take a look and tell me what you think.  I already asked Dave Ingram (co-founder) about metrics to be able to measure actual results and he said it was in the plan. It seems to be that they are covering all their bases and are open to feedback.

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