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Burritos Grill Cafe – New and improved

If you never ate at Burritos Grill in North Miami, you missed awesome authentic Mexican Food.  The owners Mario and Karina Manzanero are not only gracious hosts, but really nice and down to earth people.

Their old establishment on 125th Street was known as a “hole in the wall” because the place was tiny, but it never took away from the food nor the service.  Mario and Karina listened to their customers and decided to open a new, bigger and better restaurant.

They are now located at 11717 Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami – (305) 891-1041

Their Grand Opening was last month and they took off with a BAM!!  With more tables, new servers and new cooks…but same great taste!

Rick likes the Enchilada Suiza, the kids love their Flautas and I try something new every time I go.  Don’t leave without trying the Yucatan Tamales!  Their salsa is fresh and you can request the strength of the kick (if you are brave).  In the photograph you can see Rick, Karina and Mario toasting to their new establishment with a Modelo Especial Mexican Beer.

We love to see good people do well, and Mario and Karina deserve the best.  Go give Burrito Grill a try and let us know how you liked it.  Let them know that Miamism sent you!

Here you have Karina and Mario

Burritos Grill Cafe

11717 Biscayne Boulevard

North Miami, FL 33161

(305) 891-1041

Take a look at their new website:  www.burritosgrillcafe.com


5 thoughts on “Burritos Grill Cafe – New and improved

  1. I wanted to take my mom and dad out to lunch today, and I knew I liked this place, but I was still apprehensive about taking them there because my dad is very picky when it comes to eating out. But after a delicious lunch (dad got the pulled pork, mom and I got the shrimp fajitas), he was very impressed and satisfied. I can’t wait to take my friends here!

  2. Where are they located now? I noticed their Biscayne Blvd address is no longer operating? Please tell me they are still in business! I need my Mexican fix!!!

  3. Ben, I’m afraid to tell you that they closed down a few months ago. I know….bummer….the best Mexican food I had eaten in a LONG time. I’m hoping they will re-open somewhere else, if they do….I’ll repost here. Sorry for the bad news.

  4. Ok. Thanks for the update. And please post if they do re-open. Any recommendations on other mex spots until they do? Preferably Baja or Yucatan style. Please don’t tell me Rosa Mexicano… 😉


  5. Unfortunately, no other recommendations…no other place even comes close 🙁

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