Is BusinessWeek Bottom-Fishing for Articles?

Please read this BusinessWeek article…

Where Bottom-Fishers are Fishing?

The first time I read it I tried to make sense of it and didn’t make a big deal. Then I read it again and it managed to hit a button. Yes I am in Miami, and yes our market has been hit hard, but those of us pounding the pavement every day are surviving – so could it be I am a bit sensitive about my market?

Here’s my take – Buyers’ Markets will historically attract bottom fishers… brain science there! But how can you extrapolate’s data to mean:

What this tells you is that a lot of people are starting to bottom-fish in these markets. Whether that leads to a bottom in housing prices remains to be seen.

Wait a Minute

So because more people are searching for properties in, we can assume that there are more bottom-fishers? Give me a break Mr. Chris Palmeri (no offense to you but I would love to get proof of the data you used to come to such conclusions? – I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m saying that there was very little data given for me to buy the story).

Now will the rest of you around the nation that are not in these “bottom-fishing real estate markets” like Miami, Las Vegas, Naples or Sacramento, can you please tell us how you buyers’ market has not attracted bottom-fishers? Or has it?

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