Can’t you see?

From the time I was a little girl, I remember having a developed sense of sight. I saw things other kids my age missed, I had an eye for detail and enjoyed drawing and communicating with sketches.Having that heightened sense has always made me feel special and different.

Of course I had to study something that involved my visual personality and that’s why I became an architect but later I realized that I liked to engage people. Looking further into that “engaging concept” I realized that my visual personality was out of balance. How could I pay attention to such visual details and be such a poor listener? How could I develop my other senses to engage people in a better way?

I looked around and saw people that surrounded me, that were part of my daily puzzle, and many were as lopsided as me or even worse. Then blogging dropped on my lap like a gift from God. Blogging has made me a better listener. The fact that you stop what you are doing to focus on something you are reading is the perfect exercise to learn how to listen. How can we go through our lives so lopsided and not realize that we have the power to be balanced and engage people with all our senses?

Today I had a strange experience with a real estate agent that failed to listen to a message I left her and she misconstrued a whole situation into a huge mess, all because she failed to listen (I can tell you she was definitely vocal……there’s a really lopsided persona). So what can we do as real estate professionals to improve our business, to become more balanced and to kick our business up a notch?

I remember the last week judging of Project Blogger, after being hammered week after week, how good it felt to be recognized, but better yet, how these geniuses were incorporating basic senses into their business…..Talk about “Tribal Seduction”. It may sound far fetched but take a look when you have a chance – They used video when no one else was and if you can’t read the whole thing….at least look at the last video in the post (it’s a MIAMISM Ego booster). John Paul and Deborah Micek are the gods of on-line persuasion and I thank them for opening my eyes when I thought they were wide open.

Take a hard look at yourself and your business, your blog, your marketing. Take a hard look at what it is that you are good at and what you are missing. Focus your energy on achieving balance – Are you a good listener? Do you know when to make your point? How can you develop your visual side? How can you engage your clients and make them feel comfortable with you?

Consider this just a seed – we are very capable of obtaining balance, but most of us are too comfortable to make an effort.

Now….can anyone tell me how to add a scratch-and-sniff to my blog?

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