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Canvas Rebel Magazine: Meet Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Miami Architecture Panel by Miami Realtors with Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Meet Ines Hegedus-Garcia

We were lucky to catch up with Ines Hegedus-Garcia recently and have shared our conversation below.

Ines, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. Early in your career, how did you think through the decision of whether to start your own firm or join an established firm?

Starting out in real estate, the norm is that you’re an independent contractor. You dive in with high hopes, attaching your license to a broker, fingers crossed that they’ll offer the mentorship, training, and vision to build a robust, thriving business. I’ve walked down this path with a handful of brokers over time. While some didn’t quite match up to my expectations, they surely taught me what I didn’t want. It became clear that surrounding myself with driven professionals was essential for my growth.

But here’s the thing – finding that perfect synergy with mentors and partners? It’s not instant. It took me a good chunk of time to figure out that many brokerages are more fixated on their gains than on the growth of their agents. Navigating through the flashy promises and identifying those genuinely invested in my growth became crucial.

This understanding drove me to Avanti Way, where I took up the role of a managing partner. It’s been fulfilling to shorten the learning curve for other agents based on my experiences. Do I regret any part of my journey? Not one bit. Every twist and turn was educational. But if there’s one thing I’d have appreciated, it would be having someone highlight the significance of community and the beauty of giving back earlier in my career.

In hindsight, every step, every challenge was a milestone. My journey wasn’t just about reaching a destination but growing with every stride. And today, the value of ongoing learning and personal evolution rings truer than ever.

Awesome – so before we get into the rest of our questions, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

For those of you meeting me for the first time through this magazine, allow me to introduce myself: I am an architect at heart, having earned my Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Miami. Since my earliest memories, creativity has been the lifeblood coursing through everything I do.

But life has a funny way of revealing paths you’d never envisioned. While architecture is my training, it was a twist of fate – a family member’s commercial property purchase, to be exact – that thrust me into the world of real estate. This new venture required management, which subsequently led me to obtain a real estate license. Before long, I found my niche: historic and architecturally significant properties.

However, I wasn’t content with following the established norms. My architectural background and creative spirit drove me to market properties differently. I pioneered a lifestyle blog named ‘Miamism’, was an early adopter of social media, and approached property marketing from unique angles, always leaning into non-conventional and innovative methods.

To my surprise, these efforts catapulted me into the role of an influencer in the real estate realm. I began receiving invitations to share my story and strategies with fellow realtors – from local events to national conventions, and even on international stages. This newfound visibility wasn’t just a personal accolade; it was a call to serve. I delved deeper into leadership roles, committed to giving back to the industry that had offered me so much and helping other professionals unearth and polish their potential.

From a University of Miami graduate to the creator behind ‘The Miamism Lifestyle Blog’, and from a managing partner of a cutting-edge independent brokerage to my present role as the Chairman of the Board for the country’s largest local Realtor Association – my journey has been anything but linear. Yet, every twist and turn has been defined by a relentless pursuit of creativity and a commitment to excellence.

As I look to the horizon, I’m fueled with anticipation for the next chapter that the universe has in store. But here’s what remains constant: my dedication to innovation, my passion for nurturing talent, and my unwavering belief in the power of creativity. And to all of you reading this – whether potential clients, followers, or newfound fans – know that at the heart of all I do is an architect’s eye, an innovator’s spirit, and a dreamer’s hope.

Can you share one of your favorite marketing or sales stories?

There’s one Miamism blog post that stands out for me. It was a piece that stirred quite a bit of attention, and even today, the emotions surrounding it remain palpable. It was definitely a controversial piece, here’s a recap:

In the heart of Miami stood a historic property, the legacy of a renowned architect from the 1920s, echoing stories and memories of a bygone era. However, its existence was threatened by a high-profile celebrity, a plastic surgeon, intent on replacing this piece of history with something… new. The media buzzed with their versions of the unfolding event, each outlet spinning its narrative.

But always strives for a fresh perspective. An open letter was crafted, directed at the surgeon. The core message? Highlighting the irony that a man capable of seeing and enhancing beauty in his daily practice was overlooking the inherent allure of this architectural marvel. The sentiment was clear: If one can see potential and beauty in individuals and transform them, why neglect a historical gem right in front of them?

I won’t lie; hitting ‘publish’ on that piece was nerve-wracking. My gut churned, but it felt right. Even though the house was eventually replaced, the article did make waves. Out of all the media clamor, my piece was the one that got a response from the surgeon, and let’s just say he wasn’t thrilled.

But the broader message rings true: Miami isn’t just about beaches and parties. It’s steeped in history, in stories, in architectural wonders from past decades. And sometimes, speaking up, even if it means ruffling feathers, is essential to champion the very essence of the city. remains committed to that principle.

We often hear about learning lessons – but just as important is unlearning lessons. Have you ever had to unlearn a lesson?

Every kid has a vision for their future, and for the younger me, lost in sketches and daydreams, it was architecture. The societal roadmap seemed pretty straightforward: pursue the degree, get that dream job, and somewhere along the way, manage to juggle personal commitments. With that in mind, I embarked on my architectural studies.

However, life’s unpredictability soon became apparent. Motherhood wasn’t just a new chapter, but a revelation, urging me to reconsider and redefine my goals. It wasn’t about letting go of my architectural dreams but finding a different way to engage with them.

Enter the world of real estate. It provided the balance I hadn’t known I needed, allowing me to be present for my family while still staying true to my architectural roots, albeit from a fresh perspective. My involvement in real estate wasn’t just confined to transactions; it eventually encompassed leadership roles and even the thrill of running my own brokerage.

Looking back, the path I envisioned during those childhood sketching sessions was a mere starting point. The route I’ve taken, with its unexpected turns and detours, has led me to a place far more fulfilling than I had ever imagined. What I once believed was my dream has been beautifully overshadowed by the reality I’ve built, proving that sometimes life’s unplanned moments can surpass even our wildest dreams.

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