Captain Jim’s Seafood Restaurant and Market

Who said you have to go to the Miami River to eat fresh fish? Captain Jim’s Seafood Market is located in North Miami at 12950 W. Dixie Highway. I will be the first one to admit that it’s not a pretty place, but the service is out of this world and so is the food.

Captain Jim Hanson's Seafood Market

Jim Hanson has a fleet of fishing boats and is constantly bringing fresh fish for everyone’s enjoyment. You can say it’s a small mom-and-pop shop because they are concerned with quality and they really enjoy fishing. You can buy fresh fish at the counter or you can eat there as well.

It’s Stone Crab season right now and they even have “colossal sized claws”. My favorite dish (and I know this grosses a lot of people out) is the whole fried yellow tail which they bring with head and all. I only have to mention it and my mouth waters.

Captain Jim's Seafood Market

They have all kinds of fish on their menu, from fried grouper to grilled dolphin (mahi-mahi….not the pretty dolphins). They also have conch ceviche and a delicious crab salad which they bring to your table as an appetizer when you first sit down…..and if you are accompanied by a non-fish person, they have the usual burgers and chicken – but why in the world you would order those, I have no idea!

Captain Jim's Seafood Market Crew

Here’s the crew at Captain Jim’s. From Left to right: Dee-dee, Jody, Ansony, Lisa, Baley and Green. When you try that whole yellow tail, think of me.

Captain Jim Hanson’s Seafood Market – 12950 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL 33161 305-892-2812

5 thoughts on “Captain Jim’s Seafood Restaurant and Market

  1. Judy – make sure you call Captain Jim’s directly – this is not their site, I wrote an article to promote their restaurant. The contact information is at the end of the post.

  2. 6/7/2010 it’s a frends birthday so we went to your resturant for dinner. unfortunatly our expirence was unsatisfactory. It starts with poor lighting two bulbs right above us were out. This makes it hard to see the menu. We ordered grouper filet and we still are not sure of what we got. The thing is that when you order something and it’s no longer available the waitress should come back to the table and give the costumer the choice of what he/she would like to eat in it’s place. I have a hard time believing that capt. jim with his fleet of fishing boats ran out of grouper,but lets face it its a little more work to clean and filet a grouper for three customers at 8pm. We received our orders and because we’ve eaten grouper before we knew we where not looking at grouper. So we had to ask Bailey what is this? It was at that time that we were informed that because they’re out of grouper the cook decided what we would eat. too bad!

  3. Hey Jeff – FYI, you are leaving a comment about the restaurant in our real estate site, not the restaurant’s site. Either way, it’s unfortunate you had a bad experience – I would have been fuming if made to eat make-belief grouper.

    The owners are really hands on and like to hear feedback, I would encourage you to contact Jim or ask for a manager and let them know of your experience. (out of all the “fresh fish” restaurants in Miami, this is still my fave though)

  4. I heard about this place last year on the food networky famy and I have been regulars ever since

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