Client Expectations vs. Industry’s Poor Reputation

I’ve had a couple of head-banging experiences lately that have opened my eyes to the type of service we provide as real estate professionals. To think that some people think they have the right to be offensive just because our industry has a poor reputation is just WRONG!

A man called us a couple of days ago asking about a property listed for $800k. He asked if the owner wanted to sell, if he was motivated and if he would accept $600k. I responded that although the answers were yes and yes, maybe he should be looking at things in his price-range. He went on to say that if the owner would not accept $600k, then he really did not want to sell. I told him there was a big difference between being desperate and selling your house and not all sellers fit the “desperate” criteria. This is when the story gets good.

Then I asked if he was working with an agent – Mr. gentle blew up saying “you’ve got gaul lady trying to get my business“. I very calmly responded that contrary to his belief, we chose our clients and he did not fit the profile of someone I’d like to work with.

Yes ladies and gentlemen…….we, as professionals, need to respect ourselves above all else. The mighty dollar is NOT the bottom line, we make a living out of real estate, real estate does not own us. I have a bachelors degree in architecture and have consciously chosen to be in this profession and offer my expertise to our real estate clients. I will not work with people that do not appreciate or respect me.

Then today, I get alerted by someone leaving a comment on a post by Mariana called

Perception = Reality: Real Estate Agents Suck

This is what anonymous had to say:

What a load of crap. Real Estate agents are the scum of the earth. They live up to every stereotype. You’ve brought this upon yourselves. Now quit your whining and live up to what you are. But you’re such pathological liars, you even do that. You have to be scum and then lie about it. Typical. If it were up to me, all real estate agents would be tarred and feathered and set on fire.

I did a head tilt while reading this and felt really, really bad for this guy (we’ll assume he’s a man for this post’s sake). I felt bad not because he was offensive, or because his truth was distorted, but because he has NEVER worked with a good real estate professional in his life. Think about it. This guy thinks all real estate agents are scum and liars……OUCH!!!

Instead of defending my industry, which I will not. I have made a conscious effort to find one of these “Realtor Hater” types and turn their mind around. It’s a challenge!! It’s easy for me to say…….”I choose my clients and I will not work for you”, but it’s very tough to say, “I will change this person’s mind so he will be my number one disciple!”.

Go ahead, wish me luck and I DARE you to join me.

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