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I have to confess that ever since I became a Realtor, I was missing the “creative” aspect of being an architect and I have finally found it with marketing. To think that my static website just 2 years ago was visually appealing but had none of the requisites of a good site is mind boggling. To know that ever since I started blogging this whole marketing world has opened up in front of me with endless possibilities. But I have to give credit where credit is due.

A lot of you know that I am a follower of Mary McKnight not only because she is a walking brain when it comes to SEO, but also because she is a down to earth beautiful person. (Doesn’t hurt that she is married to a genius……..I can only imagine how smart their kids will be).

Mary is constantly giving away incredible advice at RSS Pieces but this last post she did on Demographics and how to use these to craft your real estate blogs to target your readers goes right along all the discussions we’ve been having here at Agent Genius about generational studies.

From Mariana’s The Secret Life of a “Generation X” Consumer … My Story

To Benn’s Why?

One of the best pieces of advice I received from Paul Chaney and Realty Blogging was to know who your audience is. We can all agree that it is easier said than done. I may have a target market in mind, but is that target market really who is buying and selling real estate in my market? And furthermore, is that target audience who is reading my real estate blog?

Now here is where it gets genius – after studying our target market and assessing our own businesses and websites, we have all come up with keywords that we use throughout our blog (at least a lot of us do) – now you can study those keywords for demographic information and further design your blog to reach a very specific target market that searches your specific keywords.

By using tools available to us including demographics, census data, geographic segmentation and generational studies, we can zoom into our business in a way I would have never imagined. Take a look at Mary’s post and all the tools she provides – they are truly priceless:

How to use demographics to craft real estate blog posts that target your readers

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