Effective and unlike most Miami Beach Realtors

Nothing like a client selling our services for us!  We just love loyal customers that keep spreading the good word about the way we handle Miami Beach Real Estate.  Looking back at difficult transactions and the obstacles we have to go through to get things accomplished is all worth while when you get an email like this:

I’ve copied real estate agent Rick Garcia who was a tremendous help with my condo. He’s effective and unlike most Realtors who will tell you anything just to get the listing, he is realistic and straightforward. I know the Miami market is still depressed, but if you are open to his ideas and pricing, then he will make every effort to get it sold or leased.

THAT’s what I’m talking about!!  We tell you time and time again that we don’t sugar-coat information, we don’t paint pretty pictures of current real estate conditions and we tell it like it is.  It’s the number one reason our clients recommend us and come back again and again.

We are dedicated to your success, whether buying or selling Miami Beach homes or condos and will go above and beyond so you keep coming back for more. 🙂

Thanks Chris for the awesome referral, totally made our day!

*originally posted on January 31, 2010*

4 thoughts on “Effective and unlike most Miami Beach Realtors

  1. In real estate, like in any other business, the BEST agent/realtor plays the role of trusted, knowledgeable advisor/consultant, NOT salesperson!!

  2. Thanks Alex and coincidently, it’s the sales person mentality that we totally lack, go figure.

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