Frankie’s Big City Grill merging with Andiamo’s Pizza

Not often do I get to tell you about awesome news like this; news so great and exciting and beyond Miami Real Estate that I myself can’t wait for it to actually happen!

Frankie’s Big City Grill is merging with Andiamo Pizza!!

Miami Restaurants - Frankies and Andiamo Pizza

We walked into Frankie’s and Frank asks, “Ines, what is your favorite pizza place?”.

I responded without hesitation “Andiamo’s”.

Priscilla and Frank (the owners of Frankie’s Big City Grill), look at each other with a huge grin and say “We have merged with Andiamo!”.

I almost started jumping for joy……wait…..I think I DID jump for joy!

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We obviously congratulated them and can’t wait for the change to happen.  Let me tell you a little about both places.

Frankie’s Big City Grill was created by Frank and Priscilla Crupi and in their own words, “Frank Crupis dream was to open a sandwich shop reminiscent to the legendary places of his native Philadelphia/New Jersey roots. Not just a place to find a great sandwich, but a place which people could call a neighborhood “joint” of their own for generations. While calling South Florida home for 10 years, one thing was missing; a place to say “Lets go get a sandwich!“.

From the first time we walked into Frankie’s, Priscilla greeted us, gave the kids fun things to do and never forgot our names.  She had notes for the kids from other children every time we visited; she even keeps a bulletin board full of pictures of her customers.  They give the most personable and friendly service I have seen in a long time, and it doesn’t hurt that Frank’s food is awesome!

Andiamo has to be the best pizza I have ever tasted (but you have to eat it there, once delivered it is not the same).  It is gourmet and  brick oven baked with the freshest ingredients.  They offer from regular cheese (Andiamo Pizza) to Prosciutto with artichokes, Roma tomatoes and Arugula (that’s my favorite).  It is located in a beautiful MiMO Building in Miami’s Upper East Side with a great ambiance.

Miami Restaurants - Frankies and Andiamo Pizza

In my opinion, the only thing missing from Andiamo was personal service and now with Priscilla and Frank joining forces – it will be perfect! Especially because Frank’s sandwiches will be added to Andiamo’s pizza menu.

Their location is 5600 Biscayne Boulevard, in Miami and their phone number is (305)762-5751

Go say hello and come back and tell me what you thought.

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