telephone miamism

Hello!!! Answer the phone!

RING….RING……..Remember that sound?

To think that we talk about web2.0 here on a daily basis and make fun (sometimes) of going back to the very basics to improve or make our business grow and we can’t answer the phone?

This past week alone we picked up 3 buyers and 2 listings because we answer our telephone. The customers were so happy to get a live human being that they hired us on the spot. Is that INSANE or what?

When making appointments to see listings, we only get machines and don’t get return phone calls for hours. If it is frustrating for us, imagine paying customers?

We talk about blogging and how important it is to nurture relationships. We talk of how blogging’s purpose is to encourage conversation and dialogue. Our goal is for customers to know us before they even make a move. So please make sure that when that customer is ready to make THE move, you will be available to actually talk to them. Answering the telephone and returning messages and e-mails promptly should be the single most important business practice for any Realtor.

Or……you could just leave those calls unanswered and give more business to us!

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