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I am so excited to announce that we were featured in The Home Design and Remodeling Show Magazine!!  This institution is close and dear to our hearts because of all the amazing professionals they feature, and it’s a true honor and privilege to be featured because of none other than Miamism’s NICHE … historic properties!

Selling History – Ines Hegedus-Garcia shows us the ins and outs of buying a historical property In South Florida

Home Design Magazine - Issue 7 Fall 2022

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And here’s the story:

When real estate agents ask their clients what they want in their next home, open-concept kitchens, laundry rooms, and smart appliances are among the usual responses that arise. But for Miami’s historic real estate expert, Ines Hegedus-GArcia, and her team, the answer lies in the preservation of the property’s past.

“Our clients have a love for identifying what’s original or not in a historic home,” Ines adds. “Being able to explain the restoration process is something they really appreciate.”

Thanks to pioneering developers like Henry Flagler and George Merrick, South Florida is home to some of the most well-preserved and sought-after architectural style in the country, like Mediterranean Revival, Florida Vernacular, and Mid-Century Modern. And for nearly two decades, Ines has built a career out of her passion, leading a team that’s represented countless buyers and sellers of the region’s most exclusive and historic homes.

“Once I got my real estate license, it made sense to have a niche in historic and architecturally significant properties,” explains Ines. “Aligning my passion with my daily work was magic, and being able to provide that added value to historic home buyers and sellers set me apart from my competition.”

Along with her vast knowledge of South Florida’s history and architectural movements, Ines’ walkthroughs are more akin to a museum tour than a showing.

“The first thing I do is point out original features and even restorations. Explaining the process of restoring and the meaning and history behind the features is something that I really enjoy,” says Ines. “It’s even comical to have listing agents follow me around taking notes about what I’m saying while showing a house. Most of the time, homeowners don’t even know the value of they they have.”

Along with a vast knowledge of architectural history she shares with her clients, Ines publishes monthly market reports, historical listings, and tips on how to buy and restore a historical property on her blog, Miamism, where she’s amassed a dedicated following and even a few of her favorite clients to date.

“The owner of an Alfred Browning Parker home in Schenley Park found me through my blog,” explains Ines. “She knew the second she read my historic posts that on one else could represent her in the sale.”

Since historic homes are almost always a labor of love, sellers aren’t willing to sell to just anyone. Ines and her team have the challenge of finding the right buyer who would appreciate the home’s architecture and be willing to continue its restoration rather than completely gut and rebuild it.

On the flip side, Ines also has the task of guiding first-time buyers through the process of finding a historic home they love and feel comfortable investing in. Although working with someone as passionate and knowledgeable as Ines is an excellent place to start.

“I always tell them to educate themselves first,” adds Ines. “To know how difficult it is to maintain and restore a historic home, but how rewarding it is. And to know that historic homes “historically” sell for mre (pun intended).”

For more information on Ines’ historic properties or to get in touch with Ines, visit miamism.com and follow her on Instagra at @miamism.


THANK YOU! THANK YOU, Home Design Magazine for the amazing feature!!  This one is close to my heart!

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