How to avoid 10 biggest mistakes home sellers make

Some people think selling real estate is easy, some think it’s tough – whatever your opinion, if you want to sell your Miami Beach Home, there are 10 mistakes you should avoid.

Thanks AGBeat for sharing the video with us – it puts common misconceptions in one clear package that is easy to understand.

1. Declutter your home

2. Hide your pets

3. Be scarce yourself

4. Don’t discount the first offer

5. Always negotiate

6. Out with the old

7. Remember curb appeal

8. Depersonalize your home

9. Aim for light and bright

10. Fix anything that’s broken

**originally published 1/3/09

2 thoughts on “How to avoid 10 biggest mistakes home sellers make

  1. Hey Chris, a lot of people have grabbed it…do it! – it gives great information and reinforces what we tell our sellers on a regular basis.

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