How to Stage your Miami Beach Home for a quick sale

Lani shared this video at Agent Genius and I agree it is a great tool to share with you.  Granted, the video talks about very basic things that are a “must” when selling your home.  I don’t consider these “staging” techniques, I consider these standard preparations for selling your miami beach home.  We talk to all of our seller clients about decluttering, depersonalizing and making your home more welcoming to potential buyers.

First impressions are key – so this video hits on how to do just that.

As for staging – that goes an extra step and involves furniture placement and styling, painting and making changes to your home that will change the way a potential buyer sees the property.  Personally, I think the best home stagers are interior designers or people with some kind of interior design background.  Staging has proven results and you can get more money in a shorter amount of time if you stage your home professionally – the money is worth it.   We recently sold a property way above market value because it was beautifully staged. It is simple – staging works.

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  1. How right you are. These should not be considered “staging techniques” but rather “standard practice”. They get much better results.

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