Hurricane Party is ON, Miami!

The best part of hurricane season is that moment you find out we’re out of “the cone”, in the clear, no danger baby!!  But what people don’t tell you is, that in addition to the responsible hurricane supplies like water, batteries and flashlights, there are “other” hurricane party supplies people buy to avoid boredom.   The Miami New Times obviously gets it and doesn’t try to fool anyone with over-dramatic hurricane news – make sure you read Five Essential Items Every Hurricane Party Needs:

1. Board game night! You don’t seem excited!

2. Make sure your external phone battery banks full

3. Casino night supplies

4. Order pizza, lots of pizza.

5. Judge-Free Zone: Get those things

You can also check out the hurricane party conversation on REDDIT, and read to highly insensitive talk and possibly catch a  laugh. Don’t forget to take full advantage of Hurricane Specials:

But ultimately, make sure you learned something from this exercise, specially if you were one of the ones putting shutters up ahead of time and will now decide to leave those up until the end of the season (and no…a dark house is not better). Being ready is key, and not getting ahead of yourself may be extremely difficult.  In either case, make sure you do pack up the essentials for the next hurricane scare. STAY SAFE and enjoy the hurricane-less weekend!  

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