I accidentally deleted my Facebook Account

Dumb – dumb – dumb

I keep telling myself that things happen for a reason and although I feel like I have a knot in my stomach for making an idiotic mistake…..it HAS brought a light to what Social Media represents in our business.

Yesterday I created a Facebook profile for Rick to be able to not only tag the hundreds of photos of him, but also his Miamism Mojitos.  30 minutes after creating the profile, Rick called me complaining (maybe it was whining) that he had already received 30 emails from Facebook and he was really annoyed. (there’s a reason why I do social media and he doesn’t).  So as to relieve his e-mail inbox, I decided to change the address to mine and there’s where the mistake was made.  Facebook only allows one account per email address and deleted my account.  OUCH!!!  (I wish they would have given my account a warning, considering I had it for years…but oh well).

So here I am….angry, upset, frustrated and helpless.  All my contacts from Europe the US and South America are gone!  all my photos and videos, gone!  I’m not even part of the conversations within groups and pages! According to facebook, I never even existed and there is no evidence of my being.


I go on twitter to ask for help and so many people jump in to try to help….but nothing…..I have to wait to see if Facebook can restore my account.

So I’m having a conversation with Jeff this morning and he has to bring reason into my rational but irritated mind (why does he always do that?) and he asks:  “Is it worth it to re-build your facebook account?” and although the answer is yes, it still pisses me off.

Here’s the bigger picture

A lot of us use social media for business and have come to depend on certain facets from many of these platforms (not just facebook) – what happens if social media disappears?   what happens if that medium you have come to depend on for business is gone tomorrow?  Do you have a second plan?

It all comes to the question of putting all your eggs in one basket – whether it is your blog, your twitter profile, a facebook page or your flickr account.  Do you realize that any of these can vanish without warning?

Most of these platforms are free and they owe absolutely nothing to their users – why would they even have backups or keep archives?

I need to piggy back off of Mark Eckenrode’s post today,  Social Media Missing the Mark?

It’s not just about understanding social media, and about it supplementing your marketing strategy, it’s also knowing what to do with a certain portion of that strategy if it didn’t exist and you had to make extreme changes because certain factors were out of your control.

Now….can someone at FACEBOOK please please help me!

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COMMENT within article:

TPark01 – can’t guarantee it will work or how long – here’s what I did – send a pleading email to each of these addresses (one email per address) – and needs to be sent from the email that the account was under






The one that finally responded and restored it was “appeals”
Hope that helps! GOOD LUCK!

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