Ines Hegedus-Garcia 2023 Installation Speech - Miami REALTORS

Ines Hegedus-Garcia – 2023 Miami REALTORS installation speech

Thank you to the amazing staff at Miami REALTORS for capturing some snippets of my installation speech from February 3rd.  And for those that continue to ask if I’m still a REALTOR and if I still have time to service our clients.  The answer is an unequivocal “YES” – the beauty of having a team is that you can have a volunteer leadership position, and still have time for your clients.  And the best part is that I can advocate for you with a stronger voice!  Thank you for allowing me to serve!


Why are we here? Why do we gather every year? What exactly are we celebrating?

There are a few things:

  1. We celebrate a group of dedicated leaders who selflessly volunteer their time for you
  1. We celebrate that Miami is the largest local realtor association I the country and larger than 45 states
  1. We celebrate that Miami’s staff of professionals are constantly working and innovating for us and for our industry

But what does that mean to you?

I remember like it was yesterday when TK called me to join Miami’s first YPN board 

In that time, I’ve seen amazing talent come through the doors of the association and they all had something in common:

  • passion for the profession
  • Drive to improve the process
  • And do it for you, the members

But I need you to understand one important factor – WE are also members,  we do it for you because we ARE you!!

So here’s what’s coming our way this year:

The theme is

Forward thinking

Now more than ever we need to anticipate, innovate and control our own narrative

We have a number of priorities but please keep an eye out for our human trafficking awareness I iris tuve because we, as realtors, have the ability to safe lives.

And finally,

I need you to Pay close attention to what each one of these devoted leaders are doing for us and take the time to thank them because it’s not easy to serve.

And that leads me to what makes it possible for ME to do that – thank you to my partners at Avanti way … thank you to  my husband, you are my rock

They say

Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman – but most importantly, behind every successful woman, there’s an incredible man”

Thank you for allowing me to serve

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