Call it a sixth sense, a hunch, feeling, intuition, inclinations, faculties……whatEVA!  open your eyes!! We all have them and these can help you, especially in business.

(tell me when the booing stops so I can continue)

Have you ever been working with a client and have a feeling that it won’t work out?  and ends up after months of humoring them that they end up using either another agent or a friend of a friend and you lost all that time and missed a couple of your son’s baseball games or family get-togethers because of them? – why didn’t you listen when you had the chance?

  • You know when a customer will waste your time
  • You know when a caller is twisting your arm
  • You know when a marketing decision is a great one (same applies to bad ones)

So what is wrong with using a bit of that intuition in your favor?  I’m not talking ESP here, I’m talking about letting your guard down, dropping The F word (not the F bomb) and putting your intelligence at the top for a change.  By the mere fact that you are reading blogs, you know that you are walking in the right direction with regards to New Media.  Although blogging is only the beginning….it’s a way (not THE way….but can be effective).

Let’s think about Mojitos here – searching keywords and making a quick video was a hunch for me – then I was able to identify Mojitos as a Social Object and now I have a goal……anytime someone mentions, tastes or comes near a mojito, I want them to think of me (yes, yes….a bit presumptuous on my part, but it’s my goal) – oh btw – does anyone know people at Bacardi? have your people call my people….a sponsorship is in order.

So what I’m saying here (and thanks to JT for helping me identify my hunches – he’s great at explaining that kind of stuff), is that you have the power to identify a social object that works for you – doesn’t have to be alcohol and don’t go wild looking for it either….it may just be sitting in front of your face.  It may not be an object, but something you do – or the way you do it.  Take a chance, look in your gutt and go for it!

Take a trip back 6 months and try to identify moments where you knew you were doing something that would get you great results – do the same when you had a feeling about an action being a total waste of time.  It boils down to opening your eyes and being perceptive.  It doesn’t hurt if you really like what you do (that’s where you should begin)- and eliminate what you don’t like (easier said than done).

I have a hunch right now that this post will go over most people’s head – I’m still putting it out here anyway.

So what’s my point?  …..guess…. (that’s exactly right)

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