Investing in Miami never looked better

I originally wrote this article in May of last year and today it is even more relevant.  Bulk sales are hot and in some cases can buy at 50 cents on the dollar! (but please don’t expect these astounding deals if you only have $200k in your pocket) – we are talking bulk sales – 50, 100 units or buying out the remaining inventory in a building….read on miami real estate condo deals No really, I’m not kidding… We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and now that mainstream media is broadcasting positive news about Miami Beach Real Estate, it makes our job so much easier. (not that we depend on the media to carry good news, but we can’t deny it impacts our daily lives and people’s perception).

So here’s what’s interesting – investors are moving in and they are doing it aggressively! Maybe you don’t think we have hit bottom yet, but the truth is that there are some great deals out there….especially Miami Condo Deals!

Team Miamism, together with Majestic Properties, have been working our tails off to find the best possible deals for Miami investors. Logic would tell you that the more you buy, the better the deal and you would be completely right. There are developers out there waiting to sell their remaining inventories, there are builders in distress, banks that want out…..therefore….. great opportunities if you are interested in buying bulk.

They say that someone else’s misfortune may turn out to be your lucky day and although I hate to bask on someone else’s misery, it may mean the opportunity you have been waiting for. We have a group of well connected Miami Realtors and influential individuals working closely with a lot of Miami and Miami Beach Condo Projects negotiating seductive deals for you. If you are interested in knowing more, we require that you complete and sign a NCND, (Non Disclosure / Non Circumvent / Confidentiality & Fee Agreement).

This protects both our sources of information as well as our commission structure – very similar to a police investigator protecting their informants. It’s an exiting time for Miami Real Estate for many reasons and we couldn’t be happier about our negotiating power. 

If you are interested in investing, this is the time to use your leverage.

**original post May of 2009 and reposted March 29, 2010**

3 thoughts on “Investing in Miami never looked better

  1. Love the picture. You have some great photos in your whole blog. It sound like investing in Miami is a perfect time. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Dave – investors ARE moving and quickly – it’s about time 🙂

  3. Hi, I am looking for a block of studio apartments to rent weekly to tourists.

    What kind of return p.a. can I get, after taxes, maintenance, and management fees, assuming current average occupancy rates for the market?

    I am in Miami next week and am ready to see some properties.


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