Make sure your Miami Realtor can handle a rental

question.jpgWe have gotten bombarded this past week by people wanting to rent – it’s almost out of control.  I already told you that the The Miami Rental Market is HOT! and what that means according to real estate cycles.  The reality is that our business may not concentrate on rentals, but we are always willing to help anyone looking to rent.

We had a couple of experiences this week with real estate agents that had no clue what they were doing – they represented the landlord, and not only could they not answer trivial questions about the terms of the lease, but had never even seen a contract to lease, and made absolutely bogus requests.  I could go on and on about how unprofessional these agents were, but it’s easier to share an e-mail from one of our customers:

“I hope I am not coming across rudely when I am referring to the other realtor on this transaction. I realize that when I have a message to relay to her, I think my tone is aggressive. Sorry about that. Please do not take it personally. My intent is not to offend you, however, it is trying to convey that although I am pretty easy-going, I do not want to be taken advantage of. I feel it is a real shame that this agent who clearly does not have the professionalism or the experience you have will be receiving a “standard” commission on this property that would equal yours even though your expertise and experience in the field are far more deserving. Perhaps the agent should take a cut in the commission check and pass that savings on to the people she has been inconveniencing.”

Anyone who wants to rent a property out should know that it is just as important that their Realtor know what they are doing.  If you were the owner of a property reading this e-mail from a prospective tenant, what would you think?

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