It’s unbelievable to think that we placed 3 properties in escrow this week by being obnoxious.  Yes you read right, OBNOXIOUS!  You know those agents that you avoid like the plague because they are difficult and have egos and it seems like showing one of their listings can be similar to an obstacle course?

Well….maybe we can learn something from them.  By following these simple instructions, you may find yourself in route to success!

  • don’t be accessible (by responding quickly to telephone calls you will show weakness)
  • don’t be flexible (cooperation is for wusses)
  • It’s all about you, not them (time to be selfish people!)
  • be difficult (could have thought of another adjective….but this one will do)
  • take your time (make them wait! HA!)
  • don’t communicate (sometimes silence can be your best friend)
  • be arrogant (as if there was a choice)
  • be condescending (this one comes natural to me)
  • be aloof (this will create curiosity)
  • be incompetent (make them ask for information several times before giving in)
  • make them mad (this is always a great strategy to achieve your goals)

Don’t follow mainstream activities and believe that we’re in a real estate market where buyers are supposed to have control and sellers are supposed to show flexibility – stand up for yourself and demand respect! The results will surprise you!

**disclosure:  high degree of sarcasm is evident in this article – please skip this article if you don’t have a sense of humor.  Our disagreeable business practices don’t represent that of agent genius, its sponsors or writers and we reserve the right to like or dislike people without warning, unless of course you bribe me with a mojito.  We like to “keep it real”, we use Real Estate Shows, think Moo Mini Cards totally Rock and have even bought shoes from Zappos (the nerve) **

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