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A lot of you know that I’m a contributor for a National Real Estate On-line Magazine called Agent Genius. If you are ever curious about the discussions that go on inside the real estate industry, outside Miami –  take a jump over there and you may be pleasantly surprised….or not 🙂

I seldom publish articles there that I would publish here for obvious reasons (different readers) but this one in particular can be shared with all – since it is a rant and I feel better when I let these out.

I confess that I am embarrassed to be called a REALTOR

People avoid me (the real estate industry) like the plague. I had someone tell me yesterday that he would have no problem speeding up at an intersection if he knew the person crossing the street was a Realtor. At a party last week, a man asked the host to please not introduce him to me because he knew I was a Realtor and I would try to sell him a house.

The thought of being included in the same category as others that have continuously disappointed and cheated clients out of their best interest is embarrassing to say the least. I even had an esteemed colleague tell me this week after reading the “about us” page here, that including my architecture degree and Rick’s Accounting degree was of no value to my readers.

Feeling ashamed is just WRONG!

When our industry is looked as a whole and you ask someone to describe a Miami Beach Realtor, this is what people have to say: pushy, relentless, disrespectful, worse than attorneys, cheaters, snakes, scum……..I’ve heard tons more that are not appropriate for this blog, but you get the picture.

So here’s my point – Rick and I, together with a handful of  “good Realtors”, strive to break the mold and change the perception of our industry one client at a time. I am proud to say that we are achieving just that – but what about the thousands of people that would not even give us a chance? The ones that keep trashing us and get nauseous at the thought of even addressing one of our “kind”?

As much as I’d like to admit that our industry is better after the down-turn and a lot of “bad agents” have left the business – there are more out there that are still making us look bad. I don’t have an answer on how to solve this, I can only do my part in trying to change the perception.

Not only do we go above and beyond our call of duty, but we also bring value to our clients and the industry – we are getting involved to break the mold and help educate? And most importantly, we don’t do what annoys the common public!

I keep hoping that the number of respectful real estate professionals keeps growing and with the help of this medium, we can spread the word more efficiently. (Take a look at Agent Genius…..that’s where you can find a lot of the “good” ones).

We are not all bad

(….not a good motto) – but a start.

7 thoughts on “Miami Beach Real Estate Un-REALTORS

  1. You are so right Ines. Most of us have had professions before real estate and I would like to think we’ve brought professionalism to the real estate business. Unfortunately there are some that give us a bad name. But one at a time we can change that impression. Thanks for saying what I’ve thought for a while!

  2. There are many good REALTORS out there. The problem is bad news travels far and wide while good news is boring and stays at home. It sure is frustrating being a good REALTOR.

  3. Hey Randi, and you have an even tougher job, and that’s to screen good agents and hopefully police them….never an easy task.

    People love bad news Moni, that’s the sad truth – but I know you are one of the good ones 😉

  4. “As much as I’d like to admit that our industry is better after the down-turn and a lot of “bad agents” have left the business – there are more out there that are still making us look bad.”

    Dealing in a foreclosure market in which lenders and asset managers have specific instructions on how they want offers presented (i.e. a specific contract like a FAR BAR As Is Contract, preapproval letters, minimum deposits to be held by seller’s title agent, bank addendums, etc.), my partner and I decided (a while back) to attach a detailed checklist with step-by-step instructions along with pre-filled contracts to the MLS listing. In the space for Broker Remarks in the MLS we state something to the effect of “Agents please READ all attachments before submitting an offer”.

    I’d say that 90% of the offers we receive are incomplete/not filled out correctly/include an altered bank addendum (when it explicitly states not to do so). A large percentage of agents out there does NOT read or chooses not to follow instructions. It’s very frustrating. I would’ve thought that the “bad agents” would have been long gone by now, but they’re still very much out there. How do they stay in business? Why would anyone conduct business with these people?

  5. Adrian,
    You are so right and therefore my rant…..I wonder if it’s just apathy (what’s so difficult about following directions? – or at least calling the agent to verify the information that is needed).

    The other pet peeve is ANSWER THE PHONE!!! respond to your messages!
    we can go on and on, no?

  6. “People everywhere enjoy believing things that they know are not true. It spares them the ordeal of thinking for themselves and taking responsibility for what they know.” – Brooks Atkinson (1894-1984)

    Few tell their friends that they have found a real estate practitioner whom they know, like and trust. One who is diligent, professional in every respect and who places the clients interest out in front. It is unfortunate they choose instead, to remember the ones that smell.

    Were I to Yatter and offer an unbiased opinion – which of course would be a new low – intrepid observations reveal that these same individuals who choose to besmich realtors are often found in the first car chasing the ambulance.

  7. Larry – people remember the negative – it’s the way we are wired. Unfortunate, but true. It’s our job to turn it around – and the good ones are demonstrating it daily! (you ROCK)

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