Miami Boat Thieves and Drug Smugglers in Action

Most people would be outraged at what Rick and my brother just went though, but we are grateful……judge for yourself.miami_vice_logo.jpg

There is a storm heading our way and tonight my brother decided to pull his boat out of the water and asked Rick to help him out.  It is common for boat owners in Miami to secure their boats from their waterfront homes.  The idea was for Rick to take the trailer to the boat ramp while my brother drove the boat there.  My sister-in-law would drive Rick’s car to the ramp, that way Rick could go home right after without my brother having to take him (boat in tow).

Little did they know that this whole operation fit the scheme of boat thieves and drug smugglers!

Once they were pulling the boat out of the water onto the trailer they were blocked by a Marine Patrol Truck.  They were asked if they had weapons in the car and/or boat and were asked to step away from the vehicles.  The marine patrol with hand on gun holster checked the boat, trailer and truck with a flashlight.  My brother volunteered the boat and car registration and everything turned out fine.

It seems that boat thieves and drug smugglers take the same steps my brother and Rick took, except of course, they would take a boat that wasn’t theirs.  Driving the boat at night, having someone else drive a trailer into the dark ramp, having a third “look out” car…..all was very suspicious.  It was like a scene from Miami Vice or CSI Miami……Of course I got a big laugh from it, especially because Rick had not even taken his wallet with him (that’s my cruel humor).

If it was our boat getting stolen, those thieves would have gotten snagged.  So a big thank you goes out to the Florida Marine Patrol and all Miami law-enforcement for doing a great job and for watching our backs, even if it meant experiencing an uncomfortable moment.

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