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Miami Country Day Walk for Cancer

Please let your guard down for a few minutes and finish reading this post, it is not about Miami Beach Real Estate, it’s about making a difference in the world and putting in your small grain of sand into the mix.

I am a believer that everyone in this earth, no matter their situation needs to give back in one way or another.  Yes the saying “give, in order to receive” applies and so does the Law of Intention, but how many of us are too busy or too hung up on our own problems to look around and realize that the world is ever giving and it is our duty to do something about it?

I attended a Miami Country Day School assembly yesterday in which their annual Walk for Cancer was launched and I had to take a deep breath a couple of times and fight tears because what those kids are doing and what they accomplish every year is really noteworthy.

At the beginning of the assembly, several school teachers and staff were called because they were cancer survivors, then one of the seniors asked everyone in the Gym to stand up and asked 3 questions:

  • If you are currently battling cancer or have had cancer sit down  (10-20 people sat)
  • If you know of a loved one who has had cancer or is fighting cancer right now sit down (about 90% of the room sat – there was a long pause of silence while everyone reflected on the number)
  • If you know of anyone who has or has battled cancer sit down (only a couple of kids remained standing….out of the whole school)

That’s when we have to grasp the concept of a disease that affects us every day of our lives in one way or the other.  They even gave a statistic that 1500 Americans die everyday because of cancer – (think of 911 numbers every 2 days!).

Last year I told you a little bit about Harry Greenberg, who graduated last year from MCDS, lost his leg to Cancer and is an inspiration to us all.  I was so happy to see The Greenberg family there (Harry included with a full head of hair, sporting a beard and a smile from ear to ear). The Greenbergs stood up and shared their story:

Harry’s mom said cancer had made Harry a better person, and he refused to be defined by the disease.  Harry compared his battle to swimming (of course he would choose a swimming analogy) – He said he was not giving up and sinking was not an option.  He chose to swim and face the challenge head on.

Harry’s dad said the disease gave them the power of living in the present – they refused to become victims of cancer and stood to the challenge of becoming strong with focus and determination.  He said that the benefit had spread to others – they had learned to see the power of positive action to help others.

So here’s my challenge to you – The Miami Country Day Walk for Cancer is a Miami Shores Community Event where residents and visitors come out to support a great cause.  Last year the school raised over $100,000 that went directly to cancer research through the collaboration of The Heidi Hewes Chapter of the Woman’s Cancer Association of The University of Miami.

Come out on October 18th, 2008 to support the fight for cancer!

  • Sign up starts at 7:30 am
  • walk  starts about 8:30 am
  • Address:  601 NE 107th Street – Miami Shores
  • You can contact Marilyn Greenfield for information about the Walk for Cancer at 305-779-7241
  • registration is $25 the day of the walk and $20 if you pre-register

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