Miami Home Trends Reports – a new service by Miamism Sales Team

Miamism Sales Team announces Home Trends Reports. Sign up to receive your monthly trend report to get a home value report and comparison of homes in your area.

We’re happy to announce a new service we are now offering to our loyal readers – Home Trends Report directly to your inbox!

You can now receive a monthly snapshot that will include an automated home value, market activity and property values in your area; all you have to do is simply provide your address and email address.

Please visit:

Here’s the clincher – it’s an automated system that pulls data from tax records and it is not foolproof.  Your house may be compared to your neighbor’s ugly and in-complete-disrepair-fixer-upper (GASP!!) …but that’s just because the system is automated and that’s where we will come in – TO FIX DISCREPANCIES.

So we are asking you for feedback so we can improve the system and serve you better.  We will still be posting our monthly real estate market reports as we always do.  If you are interested in selling, this may be just what the doctor ordered … and then you call us to list your home, of course.

Let us know what you think!

Miamism Sales Team

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