Miami Investment Properties

If you haven’t noticed, Miami has gotten bombarded by investors from every corner of the world. For locals buying Miami investment properties this is a huge disadvantage because the competition is fierce. But this only means that you must have the right team on your side.

So here you are, Mr. investor from somewhere in our small world; you hear such great things about Miami and don’t even know where to begin. You have cash sitting in a bank account but are not sure whether to pull the trigger.

The good news is that if so many people are running to Miami, it can’t be all that bad, no? The numbers in your own city are not adding up and buying a property far from you can be scary – unless, of course, you have a team working for you who can manage and help you with every detail of the transaction.

We’re talking not just buying the property, which is the easiest part, but having all the resources necessary to buy, remodel and manage the property as an absentee owner.

What’s exciting for us is the diversity of clients we are currently helping. From the multi-million hotel buyer, to the investor who flips single-family homes and even the multi-family investor who depends on rental income to make a living.

Let me remind you that I am an architect by trade, so seeing construction defects as well as architectural potential is second nature to me and is a home-run for our clients.

Let me also remind you that my husband and business partner, Enrique Garcia, can break down financials and give you real cap rates because of his accounting background.

We also have a list of resources for our clients including zoning attorneys, contacts within city building departments, contractors and managers to help with the purchase decision. In addition to the local resources, we also have real estate connections all over the United States and abroad which we are happy to collaborate with.

We don’t usually use as a billboard for our services, but want you to give us a call if you’ve been thinking about investing in Miami.

We go out of our way to make sure our real estate clients make sound investments that lead to happy pocket books. PS – we also run a profitable commercial property management company since the early 90’s.

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