Miami Leads ’15-Minute City’ List

What in the world is a 15-minute City and why should you care?  And who is

I’ve written about Green Urbanism and New Urbanism in the past – city densities, usabilities, walkabilities and the simple concept of creating cities to be inclusive and resilient is a big deal in my book.

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15-minute City

The “15-minute city” may be defined as an ideal geography where most human needs and many desires are located within a travel distance of 15 minutes. Here’s what that means. 

The 15-minute city is defined by its ability to provide access to all human needs by walking or bicycling for a quarter hour or less. Transit should be provided within the 15-minute city, but cannot accurately define its scale—for reasons that will be explained later. 

Top 10 ‘15-minute city’ list headed by Miami

Get out!! After all the urban sprawl conversations and the need for a car – how in the world is Miami number 1?

Well… it was a study by where they looked at all BIG American cities and evaluated the walkability and bike-ability alongside the density of necessities and uncovered the US cities with the most potential for transitioning into a 15-minute community.

Miami may not be the first city you’d suspect as a 15-minute locale, but thanks to a collection of small urban meccas across the city with pedestrian-friendly designs, the transformation is in full swing. Other efforts include projects like the Underline working to repurpose surfaces under the Metrorail into gardens, walking paths, and open-air gyms.

Miami is also home to start-up REEF, building a network of hyper-local urban hubs to connect local residents to local goods and services in cities across the nation.

BOTTOM LINE:  We are moving in the right direction and we have leaders that care about Miami’s path and responsible growth.  Now to address Sea Level Rise and my world would be complete!



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