Miami Mod Homes – November 2011 edition

Seems that our MIAmodHomes series has sparked up some interest, and we thank you for your enthusiasm. I guess it’s true what they say, to show passion in what you do is key to success and architecturally significant homes is what makes me tick. This month’s edition is in The Sunset Islands (Sunset Island 1 to be exact). The home was built new in 2008, with pool, dock, and everything you would like from a contemporary home.  This one defines sexy architecture and is, without a doubt, real estate porn at its best.

Miami Beach Mod Home at 1531 W 22 Street

listed for $8,900,000 – SOLD FOR $8.1 Million on 2/3/12

I hate to make it sound dirty, but good architecture makes me salivate and this home is like gourmet for the palate.  I’m guessing the previous house was completely torn down and the up came this beaut on the existing 75′ X 175′ lot (13,125 sf) < that’s 75 feet of water frontage.

My first thought was…oh no…someone made a big mistake! They totally over built what should have been a Sunset Island 4 location and this, as well as the proximity to the bridge, will definitely hurt the sale.  No matter how intricate the workmanship is, the price tag is not for Sunset Island I.  Putting that aside, whoever falls in love with this house, will not mind the location, but will be thankful for the attention to small details.

So what are some of these details I speak about? Let’s start with the custom-made stainless steel front door and matching pair of automatic gates in the front of the house.  These are then perfectly complemented by interior and exterior stainless steel handrails on staircase and balconies.

And then we can take a look at how the very linear architecture of the home is juxtaposed with round windows or portholes almost like the oculus of a classical dome.  These portholes frame views to give you perspectives beyond your field of vision.  I’m not much for the “overly done”, but the simple nature of how these are placed, gives me goosebumps.

The interiors are minimalist and the house is decorated very tastefully with modern classics and very white furniture.  As a mother of 3, as much as I like white, I churn a little thinking of maintenance.  But that really has nothing to do with the house, but personal taste.  The actual kitchen flows with the rest of space as if it was a piece of furniture – living spaces have no boundaries or separators really redefining the word “living room.”

If I have to critique something, just for the sakes of finding something wrong with this house, it would be the choice of material for the wall by entrance.  Although it does help delineate the space, I would have loved to see concrete like Tadao Ando’s magic walls. THAT, would have made this house flawless….almost, (wait ’till the drum roll at the end).

Bedrooms are just as impeccable as the rest of the house, with minimalist finishes but well thought out comfort.  Don’t miss the window treatment details with recessed tracks, which obviously also contain ambiance lighting. From the choice of sink bowls to mirrors and faucets….design is continuous throughout this home.

Exteriors frame impeccable vistas and create living vignettes that are warm and welcoming, with summer kitchen, covered porch, infinity pool and manicured lawn.  The only thing missing is a 60′ Azymut parked on the private dock.

And if you are not disappointed yet at the fact that I could not tear this house apart for the life of me, I did find one detail that drives me absolutely insane. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!

One of the porthole windows in an upstairs bedroom is horribly framed with a roman shade.  Couldn’t they do a custom window treatment to suit the circle?  Vitruvius’ man of Perfect Proportions is probably rolling his eyes in disbelief!  Eliminate the roman shade or the window! The Barcelona chair right under it is not going to detract my attention! ….this is the one detail that could break a sale….seriously people!

I have to compliment the marketing photos of this property, once again, a Miami Beach luxury home featured correctly, hats off!  And to give you the boring but necessary specs of the home – 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 2 half-baths, 7,148 sf of living space, and northern exposure.

Price negotiable??  (cough cough) … I’m thinking yes.

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