Miami Mod Homes – September 2012 Edition


It’s time to get this baby sold!!  I first wrote about this Miami Beach Mod Home back in 2008!! and the house is still for sale.  Don’t get the marketing strategy because price has been lowered and increased in the past 4 years, but I truly believe the house has potential and would be a great addition to anyone that likes The Venetian Islands and likes modern homes.

I’m including some new photography that has been added to the marketing of the property – although the fish eye does distort the space and proportions of the home, it gives you a better idea of the property’s features and views.

Miami Beach Mod Home at 1215 N Venetian Wy

listed for $8,200,000

The Home is located on the NW side of San Marco Island on the Venetian Islands in Miami Beach. Location is a bit close to The Venetian Causeway but it’s the nature of San Marco Island. The exposure is Northwest which a lot of people find desirable and this side of the islands has less boat traffic than Southern side. It was built in 2003 and boasts over 7,500 square feet of living space (that’s 750 sq. meters!).

The house has a sort of bohemian artist flair to it, could be the choice of furnishings, but don’t let that distract you.  Floor to ceiling windows with endless bay views are magical and my favorite photo is the top one above, showing a grid of glass that frames the view and divides eating and living spaces fabulously.

The stone choice for the floors is neutral and disappears perfectly, just like I like it.  Nothing like floors complimenting the architecture instead of detracting from it.  There are what seem like acoustic panels on the lower ceilings of the home and I’m guessing it was a smart choice by owner to stop the sound from open spaces from driving them insane.  Please don’t miss the shadow patterns of floors and walls, formed by the window grids ….it’s as if the house was creating its own art depending on sun placement.

One negative…. you need to block out the sun in order to prevent a really hot green-house effect in the common areas.  It’s an easy correction, would probably do some sort of electric, nondescript window treatment.

The house does something nicely, and this is rare for a minimalist contemporary home built after 2000.  It creates vignettes everywhere you look.  There are details in the railings, stairs, floors.  There are interior windows and interesting use of materials.  Some may prefer contemporary homes to be simpler than this one, but I do like the fact that details were thought out and not just thrown all over the place.

There is clerestory lighting where needed, there is still a lot of wall space for art, and the option to keep the furniture simple, or created sitting areas throughout.  Please check out the Onyx bathroom above….a bit over the top for my taste, but a cool element nevertheless.

The question of the day is “why hasn’t this home sold?”  – and the answer may be a bit cynical, but it’s because the right buyer has not come along.  Putting aside the increases and reductions in price, this home offers modern comfort in a great location.  It is listed at $1,071 per square foot and the average price per square foot in The Venetian Islands in the last  6 months has been $954.  To think that prices dropped below $600/sf 3 years ago and are now in the mid $900’s is a fabulous reflection of a recuperated market.

For those of you that knock yourselves in the head for not buying when I told you, it’s better to buy now than in a few years when the prices will be even higher.  I will not say “I told you so”….it’s implied. 😉

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